Custom Reporting Guide: Questionnaires

Questionnaires are a flexible way to collect information from candidates, either when they apply or later in the hiring process. Reporting on Questionnaire responses can help you understand the makeup of your candidate pool. For example:

  • Do candidates match up to the job description or skill requirements?
  • Which candidates are responsive and engaged?
  • How many candidates were disqualified by a Knockout Question?

Let's create a Candidate Custom Report to look at Questionnaire data.

  1. Head over to Reports in the header, then create a new Candidate Custom Report.
    • Click Save to name the report and give it a description
  2. Add Questionnaire data to the report.
    • Click Columns to open the column selector
    • Type in the second dropdown to search for and select a Questionnaire
    • Use the bottom dropdown to pick data columns from that Questionnaire, including question/answer columns and metadata
    • Click Save to add the columns and return to the report
    • Note: Reports currently support one Questionnaire at a time


The report will automatically be filtered to candidates who have received this Questionnaire (whether or not they completed it). In this example, we can see that a couple candidates received the Questionnaire but did not respond:


To calculate completion statistics for a larger group of candidates, you can export the report and use Excel formulas or pivot tables.

Using the Questionnaire Filters in the right panel, we can also look for candidates who gave specific responses to a question.

  1. Click Add Questionnaire Filter, then choose what you want to filter by.
    • Choose a metadata column or question in the first dropdown
    • Choose the filter logic and select (or type) the value you want
    • Click Apply


Looks like we only had one Death Eater apply for this role:


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