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Experience a streamlined approach for searching and viewing Job information with our new Jobs List interface. The new Jobs List gives users the flexibility to customize their column view and access more data with additional columns and filters.

Thanks to our most recent enhancements, you can now:

Click here to view our Deep Dive Webinar outlining this new functionality! 

Customize Job List and Add Additional Filters

The new Jobs List columns default to match the existing Jobs List view with the option to add and remove columns based on preference!



New Interface:


To start customizing the new Jobs List view, navigate to Jobs. Then:

  1. Click Columns
  2. Click Remove to remove any unnecessary columns. 
  3. Click the open text field to select columns you'd like to appear.
    • Use the Screen_Shot_2020-05-21_at_9.26.30_AM.png icon to the left of the criteria name to drag and drop the criteria to the preferred order of information. 
  4. Click Select Columns.
    • Click the bolded column title to sort data.
  5. Use the Filter panel on the right side of the page to drill down further. Type a value and/or use the drop-down to add additional filters to your report.
  6. Click +Add Advanced Filter to add additional filter criteria, including custom fields. Select the filter type and select the parameters to refine your search.
  7. Click Apply. 


Save Preferred Default View

Once you've customized your Jobs List to your preference, click Save My View to save your Defaulted View. 

If you want to view the old Jobs List view, click View Old Jobs List to view the old version. 

Featured Functionality

The new Jobs List was designed to make it easy to customize your view! Use these new functionalities to customize your recruiting routine like never before:

  • New "On Hiring Team" filter checkbox to view only those jobs relevant to your hiring responsibilities.
  • Candidate Count columns now include a hyperlink to the dashboard to see a list of candidates in each stage.
  • Launch QuickScreen from the "New" candidate column.
  • Merge Job Title, Dept, Internal Code, & Location into one field to maximize screen real estate. You can still add the columns individually if needed and filter on everything.
  • The default sort of the list has been updated to match the original Jobs List (Job Status, then alphabetical by Jobs list)


How can I submit feedback?

Use the Submit Feedback button at the top of the page to send any feedback to our product team!

How can I change the Jobs Page back?

If you want to view the old Jobs List version, click View Old Jobs List near the top of the list. 

Can I hide the Filter module to see a full-width version of my Jobs List?

Yes! Click the Hide/Show Filters button near the top of the list to expand or retract the Filter module. 

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