eSignatures Beta

From offer letters to onboarding documents, managing pre-employment paperwork digitally (and easily) is key to lowering your time to hire.

JazzHR's eSignatures feature allows you to send and receive documents quickly right from JazzHR.

Now, we're launching a beta program to streamline this process further and gather valuable feedback in the process.

Beta participants can take advantage of enhancements to:

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Document Organization on the Candidate Profile 

We've simplified the Documents tab of the Candidate Profile, making document management easier to navigate.

Previously separate, the "Documents" and "Offers" sections now live in one singular, tabular view. This unification allows you to quickly identify each document type and track the status of each request.





Additionally, related documents are now grouped together by default. Beta participants can click the arrow dropdown to the left of the document title to expand a list of its history and versions.


You can also archive documents from the Candidate Profile, making the Documents tab easier to organize.


Sending eSignatures

Besides staying organized, beta participants can also leverage streamlined ways to send eSignatures from the Candidate Profile.

Send Offer Letters

To send an Offer Letter, beta participants can now click the arrow dropdown next to +Add Document and select Create an Offer.

Once clicked, the existing process for sending offer letters from here remains the same. When filling the offer letter fields, the available fields will be outlined in blue. 


Send eSignature Templates (or On the Fly)

To send an eSignature template or a one-off eSignature, beta participants can now click the arrow dropdown next to +Add Document and select Create and Send an eSignature.

Once clicked, the existing process for sending eSignatures remains the same.


Glossary of Updated Terminology

As part of JazzHR's improved eSignature experience, we are streamlining the terminology for this feature. Please see the glossary below for a description of updated terms.

Current Term

Former Term(s)




A Document can be uploaded under Settings>Documents or added to a specific candidate under the Documents tab of that candidate's profile. Formats can include PDF, DOCX, JPG, PNG, GIF, ZIP, and many others.



A document that needs to be signed by a candidate is sent for an eSignature. This type of document can be created on the fly or by using an eSignature Template. The status of the document will show as Not Sent, In Progress, Signed, or Cancelled.

eSignature Template


An eSignature Template is a collection of one or more documents grouped together for electronic signing by the candidate. From i9s to general onboarding paperwork, eSignature Templates are created under Settings>Documents to be used repeatedly.



An Offer can consist of multiple documents listed together, including those sent for an eSignature. The Offer status will show as Drafting, Pending, Rejected, or Accepted based on the candidate's actions.

Offer Letter


A letter sent to the candidate for eSignature which includes details of the position being offered. An Offer Letter can be created by filling in the relevant details during the Offer creation process or by using an Offer Template to automatically pull the information for the job.

Offer Template

Offer Letter Template

Offer Templates are Microsoft Word documents (.docx format) that contain your company's offer letter content along with the relevant JazzHR offer field labels. Learn more about using Offer Templates here.

Retired terms: eDocument, eTemplate, Offer Letter Template


How can I rename a document?

Click the arrow dropdown next to the document and click Rename.

How can I archive a document? 

Click the arrow dropdown next to the document and click Archive

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