Custom Reports Beta

Robust and customizable reporting is crucial to evaluating and optimizing your hiring process and allows you to gain valuable insight into your recruiting efforts. JazzHR offers a comprehensive collection of reports; most recently, we have taken your feedback to rethink and redesign custom reporting. 

In order to make this feature the best it can be, we've launched the Custom Reports Beta to gain relevant feedback while the feature is still in production.

The first stage of the beta includes the release of a brand-new Custom Job Report. More functionality will be released to beta participants over the next few weeks, including Custom Candidate Reports and the ability to save, share, and schedule custom reports.

To start utilizing JazzHR's Custom Job Reports Beta: 

Create Job Report

To get started, navigate to the Reports tab and click +Create Job Report. To make customizing your reports more familiar and intuitive, filtering and sorting the new custom reports is similar to the Candidate Page search functionality. 

Customize with Columns and Additional Filters

When creating a Job Report, Job Title and Job Status are defaulted columns. To add additional columns:

  1. Click Columns
  2. Check the box next to each piece of information you'd like to appear in your report.
    • Use the Screen_Shot_2020-05-21_at_9.26.30_AM.png icon to the left of the criteria name to drag and drop the criteria to the preferred order of information. 
  3. Click Select Columns.
    • To sort the data columns, click the bolded column title to sort the data alphabetically.2020-05-20_22.40.29.gif
  4. Use the Filter panel on the right side of the page to drill down further. Type a value and/or use the drop-down to add additional filters to your report for:
    • Job Title
    • Status
    • Hiring Manager
    • Description
    • Internal Code
    • Department
    • Location
  5. Click +Add Advanced Filter to add additional filter criteria. Select the filter type and select the parameters to refine your search.
  6. Click Apply. 



How can I submit feedback?

Submit feedback to our team by clicking the Submit Feedback button. 

How do I export my report?

Click Export and confirm to export your report. 

Can I save reports to favorites?

Currently, you are not able to save reports but this functionality will be available in later stages of the beta. 

What does the Auto-reject field correspond to?

The Auto-reject field for a job will either be Yes or No. If your job application has Knockout Questions that are set to Auto-Reject Candidates, the job will be labeled Yes.  


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