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JazzHR is proud to partner with MyCNAJobs, the largest professional community serving direct care workers.  Through the integration, JazzHR users can seamlessly syndicate their JazzHR jobs to MyCNAJobs in real-time and tap into the largest network of caregiver talent in the country.

Getting Started

If you are already a customer of MyCNAJobs, please contact your account representative to start the process.

If you aren't a MyCNAJobs customer, please get started here.

Integration Overview

  1. Once configured, MyCNAJobs will automatically import all open and syndicated jobs from a JazzHR account and display them on MyCNAJobs job board.
  2. Candidates who actively apply to jobs will automatically flow into your JazzHR account.  They can be identified with a source of MyCNAJobs
    1. Note that candidates who apply to a job through the integration are only required to fill out these fields.  They may supply additional fields, but it is optional.  This is intentional functionality as specified by MyCNAJobs.
      1. First Name

      2. Last Name

      3. Email

      4. Phone

  3. MyCNAJobs will also work to passively match qualified candidates to jobs based on skills, location, and other criteria.  These candidates will be passively pushed into your JazzHR account.  They can be identified with the source MyCNAJobs-Passive

Setting up the Integration

The integration is managed completely by the MyCNAJobs team.  They are responsible for configuring the integration to import your JazzHR jobs feed and direct active and passive applicants back into your JazzHR account.



If you have any questions about the integration, please contact MyCNAJobs team at 312.566.8520

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