Single Sign-On with Google SSO

JazzHR now supports the ability for users to SSO into JazzHR using their Google SSO login credentials.

By using Google SSO, users on your account are able to simplify password management, reduce IT friction, and create a more secure level of organizational access to JazzHR. Please note this is an account-wide setting. 

Looking for another identity provider? Learn about our custom SAML framework or our integration to SSO using Okta.

To start enabling users to SSO into JazzHR using their Google login credentials:

Note that only Super Administrators on the account can set-up this integration. 

Configure SSO with Google

  1. Log into your JazzHR account.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click People.
  4. Click the green + symbol next to Single-Sign-On.
  5. Under the Authentication Strategy, use the dropdown to select Google.
  6. Click Save and Continue.
  7. Enter your Google Apps Domain (all lowercase) 
  8. Click Test Configuration.

Test Configuration

Before enabling SSO for all users on the JazzHR account, you can test the SSO connection. In JazzHR, click Test Configuration and select Test SSO. You will receive an email with a one-time link to bind your JazzHR login with Google SSO2020-03-05_14.26.02.gif

Enable SSO

After you have tested and confirmed proper configuration, you can enable it for all users on your account. Navigate to Settings and select the People Tab.  Click the green + symbol next to Single-Sign-On. Under Identity Provider, use the dropdown to select Google and click Enable SSO. 

All users on the account will receive an email from JazzHR with the subject [JazzHR] Login to Google. Each user will need to click Login to Google from their email to configure SSO for their profile. Once the user account is configured, you will no longer be able to use your JazzHR email and password to manually log in.


Sign-On with Google SSO

Once the user binds Google SSO with their JazzHR account, they will be able to SSO into JazzHR by navigating to the JazzHR Login page and clicking the Google icon. 


Disable SSO

If you have users that are not configured with Google SSO, you can remove SSO login from their profile. To do this, 

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Select People.
  3. Click the user's name. 
  4. In the upper-right corner of the profile, click Disable SSO.

This will trigger an email for the user to set up a password to login to JazzHR. 



Can we use SSO and traditional email and password to login?

No. Once Google SSO is enabled, users will not be able to log into JazzHR using their email and password. You will need to disable SSO from their account. 

Can a user outside of our GSuite organization use Google SSO?

No, all users will need to have an email address associated with your company domain in order to use Google SSO. You will need to disable all users with alternative email domains.

Does SSO work with email address aliases?

No SSO can not be bound to more than one email alias.  You will need to disable all users who are using additional email aliases.

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