JazzHR Job Description Library

The Job Description Library is launching with 50 pre-made, optimized job descriptions to choose from. The library provides compelling descriptions that will lead to posting new jobs faster.

This article will cover:

How to Use the Job Description Library

You will be able to choose a description from the library when you are posting a job. Learn more about how to post a job here. You'll first want to navigate to the Jobs tab and then click +Create Job. 


  • First, click the View New Layout toggle in the right corner to turn on our updated Job Creation Guide and access the Description Library (green = on)
  • Begin filling in the essentials, like Job Title, Employment Type and Minimum Experience
  • In the Job Description Box, you can either:
    • Type into the description box
    • Click on the box to select from the drop-down list that appears
  • After you've selected the description, click Insert Description
  • The description will then pop-up in the text editor box so you can preview the text and make edits to the unique fields before finishing your job post, learn more here.
    • The unique fields are text inside of brackets that you should fill in with your own company's information, for example: [Company Name] should be replaced with your company's name.
  • The job creation guide on the right-hand side will help you finish your job posting filling in essential fields like the job location or advanced details.
  • Click Create Job to post your job or Save As Draft.


Editing the Unique Fields

Each job description has places for you to include unique information about your company and job details. These unique fields will be inside of brackets, like this for example: [Company Name] and this is where you replace that text with your company name.

Make sure to preview the full description and update all unique fields so your description is personalized. The Job Creation Guide on the right side of the screen will let you know if you have updated all of the unique fields.


How to Choose a Different Description

After you've selected a description, you can swap the description out for another one by clicking Choose A Different Description on the bottom of the text editor box.


  • Choose another description and click Change Description.
  • This will erase the previous description so click Yes, Erase.
  • The text editor box will appear with the new description you selected.
    • Make sure to fill in the unique fields in brackets before posting your job.
  • When finished filling in job details, click Update My Job to save.

Type Your Own Description

If you wish to skip past the job description library and insert your own description, you can click the Skip To The Editor button to open the text box. There is also a checkbox you can click if you would like to Skip by Default moving forward.



Can I use my own description as a job template?

Yes! If you have a job that already has the job description you want to use, clone the job to make a duplicate job post acting as a job template. Learn more about job templates here.



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