Hiring with JazzHR and Clover

JazzHR offers Clover customers the ability to post a job to dozens of free job boards and track their candidates through the hiring process. 

* Note that this is a unique plan built for Clover customers only.

To get started:

Create a job

Creating a job takes just a couple of minutes and allows you to post to over a dozen free job boards right from JazzHR. To start:

  1. Click Jobs.
  2. Click +Create Job.
  3. Fill out all necessary required information on the "Post" tab.
    • Make sure all three settings under Exposure are set to YES. This will ensure your position is sent to our free job board partners.
    • Learn how to create an effective job description here
    • Click Create and Publish Job.
  4. Click on the "Application" tab to customize your application. 
    • Click the pencil icon to select additional questions to include on your application. 
    • Create a custom questionnaire for your application by clicking Create Custom Questionnaire in the Screening Questionnaire section.

Looking for more info? Visit our full guide on creating a job in JazzHR.

Customize your Workflow

Your recruiting Workflow tracks and organizes candidates as they move through your hiring process. To create and customize your Workflow:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Select Workflows.
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the template.


  • To add a stage to your Workflow template:
    • Click Edit Statuses.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the Workflow, and click +New Stage.
  • Drag and drop stages to reorder your Workflow steps.
  • To delete a Workflow step, click the trashcan icon next to the stage.

Track candidates

Store and track candidate information right from JazzHR for an organized recruitment pipeline.

Move candidates through your Workflow to track their most up-to-date movement. 

All candidates come into JazzHR in the New status. To change their statuses:

  1. Click Candidates.
  2. Select the candidate you want to review - make relevant notes in the Discussion tab to centralize communication also.
  3. Click the Advance and/or Reject button in the upper-right-hand corner of the profile to move the candidate forward or disqualify him/her.
  4. Once you choose to Advance the candidate, use the drop-down menu and select the appropriate stage. 

Build a Career Page

Create a branded experience for candidates by displaying your job(s) on a JazzHR-hosted career page.

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