Integrate JazzHR with Universal Background Screening

JazzHR is proud to partner with Universal Background Screening to streamline candidate background screening and accelerate time to hire. 

Universal Background Screening is committed to protecting their clients’ employees, customers and brands by providing thorough, comprehensive, and legally compliant employment background screening solutions. Leverage Universal Background Screening’s easy-to-use and secure eFetch platform to automate screening, monitor compliance, and measure your screening progress. 

Integrate JazzHR with Universal Background Screening to initiate the background screening process and receive results within the JazzHR Candidate Profile.

To integrate JazzHR with Universal Background Screening: 

  1. Set up the Integration 
  2. Order the Background Check in JazzHR 
  3. View Results in JazzHR 

Set up the Integration

First, contact your Universal Background Screening integration/account representative to retrieve your unique API Key. 


*Note that this is a user-specific API key that can only be used once


Once you have retrieved the API key from Universal Background Screening, open JazzHR and navigate to:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Integrations.
  3. Scroll down to the Universal Background Screening block. 
  4. Click MORE DETAILS.
  5. This will lead you to the personal Universal Background Screening integration. Click CONNECT. 
  6. Paste your unique API key.
  7. Click Save.


Once you have the integration set up, you can order background checks. 

Order the Background Check in JazzHR

  1. Within the Candidate Profile, click the Assessments tab. 
  2. Scroll to the Universal Background Screening section and click Select Package
  3. Select the appropriate background check package and click Request Background Check. *

*Note that pricing and billing information is stored on the Universal Background Screening platform. The prices listed in JazzHR may not be final because of possible passthrough fees.

Confirm the Order

Once you have created the order, you must login to Universal Background to confirm it.


Once confirmed, the candidate will receive an email notification from Universal Background Screening to initiate the background check process.

View Results in JazzHR

You are able to monitor the progress of the background check from the Assessments tab of the Candidate Profile. 

When the background check is completed, the status will change from In-Progress to Completed or Needs Attention. Click VIEW RESULTS to see all information in Universal Background Screening. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up with Universal Background Screening?
Learn more here!

How do I customize my Universal Background Screening Packages?
Log into your Universal Background Screening account to create custom background check packages. 

What does it mean if the candidate's background check shows "Needs attention"?
Needs Attention is a completed status in Universal Background Screening - alerting you to review the results one the Universal Background Screening platform.

What is the difference between a Completed status and Needs Attention?
Completed: Background check for the candidate is clear. 

Needs Attention: There may have been unclear information returned during the process of the background check. Click View Results or log into Universal Background Screening directly to re-review the report.  

What are passthrough fees?
Background checks require information to be reviewed for the candidate in every county they had lived in. If a candidate has lived in multiple locations, there may be additional passthrough fees to cover the cost of each county request. 

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