Integrating JazzHR with TSheets

Onboarding new hires takes time and effort, especially when it comes to tracking time and attendance. TSheets simplifies this process by providing an intuitive time-tracking solution that saves on resources and improves employee engagement.

JazzHR now integrates with TSheets to accelerate your onboarding process. Connect your two accounts to streamline how you enter new hire data into TSheets by exporting new hires in JazzHR directly to TSheets.

To start leveraging this integration:

  1. Create and Connect TSheets Trial or Connect Existing TSheets Account
  2. Export New Hires to TSheets 

Unsure on something? Check out our FAQs.

Create and Connect TSheets Trial

Don't have a TSheets account yet? Start a free trial right from JazzHR. Then, connect your accounts. Here's how:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Integrations.
  3. Scroll down to the "TSheets" section.
  4. Click Start Free Trial.


Then, click Create a TSheets account.


On the next page, enter your information and click Create to create your trial account.


Click Allow to confirm the integration.



Note you'll receive a confirmation email and be added to TSheets as a Manager upon account creation.

Connect Existing TSheets Account

Note that you must be a "Manager" in TSheets and an Admin in JazzHR in order to set up this integration.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Integrations.
  3. Scroll down to the "TSheets" section.
  4. Click Connect.


Enter your TSheets username, and click Continue.


From the next page, click Sign In with TSheets or Sign in with Intuit depending on which account your credentials match.


Enter your user name and password. Then, click Sign In.


Export New Hires to TSheets

Once you've connected your accounts, head to a Candidate Profile to start exporting hired candidates to TSheets:

  1. Click Assessments.
  2. Click the drop-down to the left of "Edit Job."
  3. Click Export Candidate.
  4. Select TSheets from the drop-down.


The following items will be exported to TSheets from JazzHR: 

  • Candidate First Name
  • Candidate Last Name
  • Candidate Email Address (this will become their TSheets username)

Once added, new users will receive a welcome email from TSheets, prompting them to log in to their new account.

New users will appear under the "Employees" section in TSheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I receiving an error when attempting to export a candidate to TSheets?


Email addresses that already exist as usernames in TSheets will not be able to be exported again. If you're receiving an error message, please confirm the candidate's email address does not exist as a username in TSheets.

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