Pilot Program: JazzHR and Maia

Not all job seekers are ready to be applicants. Instead, they may passively browse your current openings without submitting an application. In fact, 92% of job seekers who visit job pages do not apply.

Maia aims to recapture this traffic, targeting candidates that leave your career page with lead-capture forms that collect candidate-specific information. Maia then targets these passive candidates with helpful, engaging content and relevant future opportunities.

JazzHR now integrates with Maia to capture this passive traffic right from your JazzHR-hosted career page. Here's how it works:

  1. JazzHR Installs the Maia Widget
  2. You Track Candidates in JazzHR 
  3. FAQs

JazzHR Installs the Maia Widget

To start capturing this passive candidate traffic, JazzHR installs an invisible Maia widget on your JazzHR-hosted career page.

Once the widget is embedded, a lead-capture form will be triggered any time a visitors leaves your career page before applying to a job. Note that this form will be branded with your company logo.


Candidates who choose to fill out this form will then receive a verification email from Maia.

Once verified, candidates will receive daily emails with open roles from your company and career-related content.

You Track Candidates in JazzHR

Candidates who fill out Maia lead-capture form will be pushed into your JazzHR account with accompanying information.

These candidates will be housed in a job called "Maia Passive Candidates" with a Source of "Maia-Lead."


Candidates who end up applying to your job via Maia's outreach campaign will appear in your account within the chosen job and "Maia" as the Source.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Maia pilot program last? 

Participants will have three months (from the date the widget is installed) to take advantage of the Maia pilot program.

How much does the pilot program cost?

The pilot program is completely free. 

How can I measure the quality of Maia candidates?

Review our collection of Source Reports to track the progress of candidates with "Maia Passive Candidates" and "Maia" as their Source value.

How can I get the most value out of the Maia pilot program?

Maia will automatically re-engage candidates via an email marketing campaign, ultimately converting some into applicants. You can also proactively reach out to passive candidates on your own. Check the "Maia Passive Candidates" job regularly to review your new candidates, and reach out if they seem like a good fit.

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