Candidate Self-Scheduling

From phone screens to in-person interviews, scheduling with candidates is an important but time-consuming task. Now, you can eliminate the back and forth and speed up the hiring process by allowing candidates to self-schedule interviews right from JazzHR!

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First, you'll need a Calendly account. Don't have one? Create one for free! For help, visit their Getting Started guide.

Note that this integration is only available to Pro customers and Plus customers. 

Then, head into JazzHR to:

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Connect Your Calendly Account

To connect your Calendly account from My Profile:

  • Click your initials in the upper-right-hand corner.
  • Click My Profile.
  • Scroll down to the Integrations section.
  • Click Connect next to the Calendly block.
  • Enter your Calendly API key (found here).
  • Toggle "Allow other people in my organization to send out Calendly invitations on my behalf" on or off (as preferred).
  • Click Connect.


To connect your Calendly account from the Interviews tab of any Candidate Profile:

  • Click Connect Account from the Calendly block.
  • Enter your Calendly API key (found here).
  • Toggle "Allow other people in my organization to send out Calendly invitations on my behalf" on or off (as preferred).
  • Click Connect.


Invite Candidates to Self-Schedule via a Workflow Helper

Once you're connected, invite candidates to self-schedule by sending an email template (with a Calendly link included) as a Workflow Helper or directly from the Interviews tab of a Candidate Profile.

To automate an email template (with a Calendly link included) as a Workflow Helper:

  • Click Settings.
  • Click Workflows.
  • Find the Workflow on which you'd like this to be sent.
  • Click Add on the stage you'd like the self-schedule invitation to go out during.
  • Select "Email" from the drop-down.


Then, choose the appropriate email template or create a new one. Be sure to toggle "Attach a Calendly Link " to green, and then click Add Email.


Once you advance a candidate into the designated Workflow stage, a prompt will display to send the email with the Calendly link.

Select values for the following fields:

Then, click Confirm Status Change to send this email (with an included Calendly link) and advance the candidate into the appropriate Workflow stage.

Please note, Calendly does not support bulk status changes.


Invite Candidates to Self-Schedule from a Candidate Profile

You can also invite candidates to self-schedule directly from the Interviews tab of a Candidate Profile. From any profile:

  • Click the Interviews tab.
  • Click the drop-down next to "Schedule Interview Session".
  • Select Invite to Self-Schedule.
  • Select values for the following fields (note that "JazzHR Workflow Step" and "Send email to" are preset):
  • Enter text for the "Email subject line".
  • Enter text for the "Email body"- Note that the Calendly link will automatically be included at the bottom of the email to the candidate.
  • Click Send.


The candidate will receive the invitation via email and will be able to select a time from the link within the email.


Once a candidate selects a time, you'll receive a confirmation email letting you know a new event has been scheduled. It will also appear automatically on your calendar.

The newly scheduled event will also appear on the Interviews tab of a Candidate Profile.



How do I reschedule or cancel a self-scheduled event?

Head directly to the event on your calendar and click the Calendly link to either cancel or reschedule a self-scheduled event. Once adjusted, these changes will reflect back on the Interviews tab of a Candidate Profile.



I've sent out a Calendly link and the candidate has responded, but the response isn't updating in JazzHR. Why is this?

JazzHR will only know the status of self-schedule invitations that were sent from within JazzHR via this feature specifically. Any invitations sent externally of this feature (outside of JazzHR entirely, or by manually inserting a Calendly link in an email template) will not be tracked on the Candidate Profile.

You can confirm that the event was sent through the self-schedule feature from the Interviews tab of the Candidate Profile.



Can I use this feature with my Calendly team plan in order to schedule interviews in a round-robin fashion?

Yes! Once everyone on your team has an individual Calendly account, you can create Event Types within Calendly that check all of your calendars for availability. Here's more on this feature within Calendly directly.

In order to take advantage of this functionality within JazzHR, you'll need to make sure the person sending the self-scheduling invitations is on the Calendly "team" for those Event Types. Note that the scheduler can uncheck his/her name within the Event Type to avoid being scheduled for all collective interviews.


Once the scheduler has been successfully added to the team, he/she will see this Event Type as an option within the invitation to candidates.

How can I see which user invited the candidate to self-schedule?

Hover over the "i" icon to see when the invitation to self-schedule was sent and by whom.

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