Beta Release: Candidate Self-Scheduling

From phone screens to in-person interviews, scheduling with candidates is an important but time-consuming task.
Now, you can eliminate the back and forth by allowing candidates to self-schedule interviews right from JazzHR.
First, you'll need a Calendly account. Don't have one? Create one for free! For help, visit their Getting Started guide. Then, head into JazzHR to connect your two accounts from either the My Profile section or any Candidate Profile.
Once you're connected, go to the Interviews tab of a Candidate Profile to start inviting candidates to self-schedule.
To get started:

Connect from My Profile

To connect from your profile:
  • Click your initials in the upper-right-hand corner.
  • Click My Profile.
  • Scroll down to the integrations section.
  • Click Connect next to the Calendly block.
  • Enter your Calendly API key (found here).
  • Click Connect.


Connect from a Candidate Profile

To connect from the Interviews tab of a Candidate Profile:

  • Click Connect Your Account from the Calendly block.
  • Enter your Calendly API key (found here).
  • Click Connect.


Invite Candidates to Self-Schedule

To start having candidates self-schedule, head to the Interviews tab of a Candidate Profile. Then:

  • Click Invite to Self-Schedule.
  • Select values for the following fields (note that "Interviewer" and "Send email to" are preset):
    • JazzHR Interview Guide
    • Send email from
    • Calendly Event Type
    • JazzHR Workflow Step - Note that this selection affects reporting only and does not create a Workflow Helper.
  • Enter text for the "Email subject line".
  • Enter text for the "Email body" Note that the Calendly link will automatically included at the bottom of the email to the candidate.
  • Click Send.


The candidate will receive the invitation via email and will be able to select a time from the link within the email.


Once a candidate selects a time, you'll receive a confirmation email letting you know a new event has been scheduled. It will also appear automatically on your calendar.

The newly scheduled event will also appear on the Interviews tab of the Candidate Profile.


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