Syncing Your Office 365 Calendar with JazzHR

Streamline the scheduling of Interview Sessions by syncing JazzHR with your Office 365 calendar.

Note that you may have previously synced with Exchange, though your client is Office 365. To confirm and enable this Office365 sync, first disconnect your integration from My Profile and reconnect through the process below.

To sync JazzHR with your Office 365 calendar (either from My Profile or a Candidate Profile):

  • Confirm your calendar/email address recommendation from the modal on either My Profile or a Candidate Profile.
  • Click Connect with Office 365.

  • Next, select or add an account.


  • Click accept to approve the integration.

If you are an Office 365 Administrator, you will also have the option of pre-approving this for users within your organization. This will remove the requirement for individual users to complete the approval process.


You'll know you've connected successfully from the following screen.


  • Select the preferred calendar from the drop-down.
  • Click Save.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'd rather not sync my calendar. Can I still conduct interviews through JazzHR?

Without syncing, you'll be restricted to completing individual Interview Guides at the Candidate-Profile level.

Does everyone in my organization need to sync with Office 365?

No, not unless they're also doing the actual scheduling of the interview(s). Once you sync, you'll automatically be able to see availability and schedule with non-synced team members in your network.

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