Syncing Your Calendar with JazzHR

Sync your calendar with JazzHR to streamline and centralize your scheduling of Interview Sessions.

This article will cover:

Calendar Options

Connect your G Suite, Office365 or Exchange calendar with JazzHR to:

  • View availability for anyone in your internal network/organization from JazzHR 
  • Send custom invitations (including rooms/resources) to interviewers/candidates
  • View all JazzHR events and accompanying details on your external calendar

Plus, to avoid extra internal effort, JazzHR now only requires the user scheduling interviews to sync his/her calendar.

Note that without syncing, you'll be restricted to adding individual Interview Guides at the Candidate-Profile level.

Connect Your Calendar from My Profile 

  1. Click your initials in the upper-right-hand corner.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Scroll down to the "Integrations" section.
  4. Click Connect on the "Calendar Sync" section.
    • JazzHR will then recommend trying to connect with a specific client based on your email address. Follow our G Suite, Office365 or Exchange guides for step-by-step instructions from here.
  5. Once your calendar has been selected and synced, use the toggle to Allow other people in my organization to edit interviews on my behalf.
    • This toggle allows administrators on the account to reschedule interviews on your behalf.
    • Please note, only administrators with their calendar synced to JazzHR can reschedule interviews if this toggle is on. 
  6. Click Save



Connect Your Calendar from the Candidate Profile

Jumping straight into interview scheduling from a Candidate Profile? No problem.

From the Candidate Profile, click Schedule on the specific Interview Session you'd like to schedule.

JazzHR will then prompt you to sync your calendar. Just like the My Profile screen, JazzHR will recommend a specific client based on your email address.

From here, follow our G Suite, Office365 or Exchange guides for step-by-step instructions on syncing. Once synced, you'll be taken directly into the scheduling flow for that specific Interview Session.



Can I view all interviews scheduled on my account? 

Looking for a snapshot view of all JazzHR events? Consider creating a dedicated recruiting calendar. This calendar, which would live externally, could be added as a user/interviewer on all events in JazzHR. Once synced, this calendar would provide an exclusive view of all JazzHR events.

I'd rather not sync my calendar. Can I still conduct interviews through JazzHR?

Yes, but you'll only be able to add and complete individual Interview Guides at the Candidate-Profile level.

Do I need to sync my calendar if I'm an interviewer?

No, not unless you're also doing the actual scheduling of the interview(s). If you're simply responsible for interviewing the candidate, you'll just need to complete the Interview Guide(s).

Will I be able to see availability for out-of-network users, like External Recruiters?

No, once synced, you'll only be able to see availability for those internal network/organization.

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