Creating and Scheduling Interview Sessions

An effective screening process typically involves multiple team members speaking to each candidate. But whether over the phone or in-person, these interactions can be cumbersome to schedule and track. 

JazzHR's Interview Sessions streamline this process, allowing you to easily group, schedule and store multiple Interview Guides together. Sessions can be added as Workflow Helpers at the Workflow-template level or right from the Interviews tab on the Candidate Profile

Once you've synced your calendar in JazzHR, you can also schedule each Interview Session for a fully centralized process from start-to-finish.



This article will cover:

Build an Interview Session  

To add an Interview Session to your Workflow as a Workflow Helper:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Workflows.
  3. Select the Workflow on which you'd like the Interview Sessions to be associated.
  4. Click Add from the drop-down next to the specific stage.
  5. Select Interview Session.
  6. Title the session.
  7. Select one or more Interview Guides and accompanying durations. Click +Add Event to add additional guides to the session.
  8. Click Add Interview Session.

This Interview Session (with accompanying Interview Guides) will now appear automatically on the Interviews tab of the Candidate Profile when a candidate is moved into this Workflow stage.


To add an Interview Session to a Workflow stage from the Candidate Profile:

  1. Click Candidates.
  2. Search for the candidate on whose profile you'd like to add a session.
  3. Click the Interviews tab.
  4. Click Add Interview Session on the stage you'd like to conduct the interview(s). Note that this will only affect this job, not the whole Workflow template.


From here, continue through to schedule this Interview Session.

Note that Interview Sessions added at the Candidate Profile-level must be scheduled. You can also add an individual Interview Guide into any Workflow stage as a one-off from the Candidate Profile.

Schedule an Interview Session 

To schedule an Interview Session that you've added as a Workflow Helper:

  1. Click Candidates.
  2. Search for the candidate on whose profile you'd like to add a session.
  3. Click the Interviews tab.
  4. Scroll to find the Workflow stage and Interview Session you'd like to schedule.
  5. Click Schedule on the session.

Note that the user who is scheduling (and only this user) will need to sync your calendar in order to schedule. Otherwise, add individual Interview Guides at the Candidate-Profile level.


From the next screen, select a time from your calendar:

  1. Type other users' names in the "Add a calendar" field to view their calendars.
  2. Click anywhere on the calendar itself to select a time.


Once you've selected a time, review the details of the Interview Session:

  • Adjust information as needed from the left sidebar.
  • Note that Insert Company Name will only populate if your company address is entered in the Account Information section.
  • Click +Add Interview to add additional Interview Guides.
  • Click Next once your session is complete.


From the next screen, click on the drop-down next to each individual interview to customize the invitation sent to each interviewer.

Adjust the email subject and description to your preferred text. Then, check and uncheck the boxes to include or remove the following from the invitation:


Next, scroll down to customize the candidate's invitation:

  • Toggle the Send Email button to green. Note this is disabled by default.
  • Adjust the "Send From" and "Send To" fields as needed, along with the subject line.
  • Insert an email template by clicking Choose Template, or craft your own message.
  • Toggle the Attach Calendar Event to green to include an .ics file, which candidates can upload to their calendars.
  • Click Done Customizing once you're satisfied with all details.
  • Finally, click Save Events & Send Invites to send.


Your scheduled Interview Session (made up of the multiple interviews) will now appear on the Interviews tab of the Candidate Profile.

This session, made up of multiple Interview Guides, can now be completed by each interviewer respectively from this Candidate Profile.

How to Reschedule or Cancel an Interview Session

  • To reschedule an interview session, click Reschedule next to the scheduled interview. This will return you to the calendar view and adjust the details. 
  • To cancel an interview session, click Cancel to remove the interview(s) entirely.



Can I view all interviews scheduled on my account? 

Looking for a snapshot view of all JazzHR events? Consider creating a dedicated recruiting calendar. This calendar, which would live externally, could be added as a user/interviewer on all events in JazzHR. Once synced, this calendar would provide an exclusive view of all JazzHR events.

How does JazzHR handle timezones when scheduling interviews?

JazzHR no longer uses the account-wide timezone (housed in Account Information) for all interviews. Instead, the timezone of the current user scheduling will be displayed based on the browser.

Once in G Suite, Office365 or Exchange, each email client should translate events to the individual's current timezone.

What is the difference between an Interview Session and an Interview Guide?

An Interview Session contains one or more Interview Guides. Whether added as a Workflow Helper at the Workflow-template level or right from the Interviews tab on the Candidate Profile, sessions allow you to group and schedule multiple interviews together.

How do I know if my candidate confirms their attendance to the interview?

You can choose to include an .ics file along with the interview email to candidates. This file, though, must be manually uploaded to the candidate's calendar by him/her. Since each candidate's calendar client differs, there's no way to sync with his/her calendar directly and receive a direct response. Rather, he/she will need to respond back to your email with confirmation.

Why does the link to view candidate resume ask me to log into JazzHR?

You will need a JazzHR login to view the candidate's resume via the link in the interview invitation. You are able to view the candidate resumes when launching the interview guide!

Adding Video Conference Links: Beta Feature 

Please note: this is a Beta Feature available to a small number of accounts. This feature will be launched and live for all accounts after beta testing. 

Can I include a video conference link interview in my interview calendar invite?

This is a new feature currently available in beta for select Google and Office365 users!

Please note that the video link is only shared with the interviewer(s), not the candidate. You will still need to pass the conference information along to the candidate for each scheduled interview session.

To include video conference links, simply check the box that says “Add Video Conference Links” during the interview scheduling process. The box is located directly below the Location section when building an interview session. By checking the box, you will include video conference links on all events in the session. They will appear on the organizer’s calendar, as well as the calendar of each member of the interview panel added to the session(s).


To find the corresponding video links to share with your candidate, view the events on your own calendar (if you are the organizer) or your company-wide recruiting calendar (if your organization has a shared calendar for scheduling interviews). The video conference info will appear in the calendar event as a Hangout link for Google users or a Microsoft Teams link for Office365 users.

The video conference link will be different for each individual session, so be sure to include all links if your candidate has multiple interviews scheduled.

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