Calendar Beta Release

Looking to access the latest and greatest in JazzHR interview scheduling? We've got you covered.

JazzHR has created a new and improved calendar experience exclusively for beta participants.

Participants can now group multiple interviews into one "Interview Session," which can be added to the Candidate Profile as a Workflow Helper. To schedule, only the user creating the interviews needs to sync his/her calendar and will be able to invite anyone in his/her organization, along with other JazzHR users in their account. Rooms and resources can also be added with no extra syncing. Accompanying invitations/events will be handled within each recipient's Gcal/Outlook/Office 365 directly, meaning time zone will be adjusted automatically.

To leverage the new functionality:

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Sync/Re-Sync Your Gcal/Outlook/Office 365

Users must sync their external calendars (Gcal, Outlook, or Office 365) in order to add an Interview Guide and schedule in JazzHR. Note, though, that only the user scheduling needs to sync his/her calendar. Already synced? Re-sync in order to access new functionalities.

To do either:

  1. Click your initials in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Scroll down to the "Integrations" section.
  4. Click Connect on the "Calendar Sync" section.


Then, from the next screen:

  1. Click Connect with Google (Gcal), Connect with Exchange (Outlook), or Connect with Office365.
  2. Follow prompts to connect. Review Outlook or Gcal guides for instructions and troubleshooting.


Outlook users are now connected. Gcal users will receive the following authorization request. Click Allow to accept.


Office 365 users will receive the following authorization request. Click Accept to allow the sync.


The following message will confirm your successful connection.


Once successfully connected, select the appropriate calendar from the Calendar drop-down. Then, slick Save.


Schedule Interview Sessions 

Once synced/re-synced via either Outlook or Gcal, start building and scheduling Interview Sessions.

Interview Sessions contain one or more interviews and can be added individually on the Candidate Profile or to specific Workflow stages as Workflow Helpers.

To add an Interview Session as a Workflow Helper:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Workflows.
  3. Select the Workflow on which you'd like the Interview Sessions to be associated.
  4. Click Add from the drop-down next to the specific stage.
  5. Select Interview Session.


Then, create an Interview Session template by selecting one or more Interview Guides and the durations for each. Click Add Interview Session to attach them. 


Now, once a candidate has been moved into one of these stages, the Interview Session template will automatically appear on the Interview tab of the Candidate Profile.

Then, from the Candidate Profile, click Schedule to begin assigning this interview and sending invitations.


From the next screen, click anywhere on the calendar to select a time and begin scheduling your session.


Once you've selected a time, fill out the details for each interview in the left sidebar. Add interviewers and rooms/resources. You'll also be able to view their calendars along with the JazzHR Master Calendar. 

Note that you'll be able to add anyone in your organization (or other JazzHR users) without them needing to sync. You'll also be able to do so for any public room/resource.


Click +Add Interview to add another interview onto your session. Continue to fill in details for each in the left sidebar.

Click Next once you're ready to schedule your now fully built-out session.


From the next page, click on the drop-down next to each individual interview to customize the invitation sent to each set of interviewer(s).


Adjust the email subject and description to your preferred text. Then, check and uncheck the boxes to include or remove the following from the invitation:


Next, scroll down to customize the candidate's invitation. Again, adjust the subject line and email body to your liking. 

Note that candidates will receive this email along with an .ics file, which they can upload to their calendars.


Toggle the "Attach Calendar Event" to green to include a calendar invitation along with the email. Adjust the Event Description to include any/all details you'd like to provide to the candidate.


Once you're happy with invitations for both the Interviewers and candidate, click Save Events & Send Invites.


Your scheduled Interview Session (made up of the multiple interviews) will now appear on the Interviews tab of the Candidate Profile.

Click Reschedule to return to the calendar view and adjust the details.

Click Add Interview Session on any other stage to create sessions on those Workflow steps as well.


Interviewers will click Launch when they're ready to conduct each interview.

Completed Interview Guide feedback will be listed here as well. Click View to see the completed guide.


Beta Limitations  

We hope you love the new scheduling functionality - but we're still perfecting it, which is why this isn't released to all JazzHR users just yet.

Here's what this version of the beta won't include:

  • Management of existing Interview Guides outside of Settings - You can use your existing Interview Guides in the new system, but you’ll need to create and update them in the Settings section. You won’t be able to manage them while scheduling sessions or adding workflow helpers.
  • Dashboard visibility - For the time being, upcoming interviews won’t be shown on the Dashboard.
  • No reverse - Once you get the beta system, you can’t go back. (Again, your scheduled events and interviews will be migrated into the new system.)
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