Calendar Beta Release

Looking to access the latest and greatest in JazzHR interview scheduling? We've got you covered.

JazzHR has created a new and improved calendar experience exclusively for beta participants.

This new interface allows you to group multiple interviews into one "Interview Session," see past and future interviews from the Candidate Profile and Workflow and better communicate with interview participants.

Here's some more information:

Scheduling Interview Sessions 

Interview Sessions contain one or more interviews and can be added to specific Workflow stages via a Workflow Helper.

Click Settings > Workflows to start building out and scheduling an Interview Session.

Select the Workflow you'd like the interviews to be associated with, and click Add from the drop-down next to the specific stage. Then, select Interview Session.


Then, create an Interview Session template by selecting one or more Interview Guides and the durations for each. Click Add Interview Session to attach them. 


Once a candidate has been moved into one of these stages, the Interview Session template will automatically appear on the Interview tab of the Candidate Profile.

Click Schedule to begin assigning this interview and sending invitations.


From the next screen, click anywhere on the calendar to select a time and begin building out your session.


Once you've selected a time, fill out the details for each interview in the left sidebar. Add interviewers and view their calendars along with the JazzHR Master Calendar.


Click +Add Interview to add another interview onto your session. Continue to fill in details for each in the left sidebar.

Click Next once you're ready to schedule your now fully built-out session.


From the next page, click on the drop-down next to each individual interview to customize the invitation sent to each set of interviewer(s).


Adjust the email subject and description to your preferred language. Then, check and uncheck the boxes to include or remove the following from the invitation:


Next, scroll down to customize the candidate's invitation. Again, adjust the subject line and email body to your liking. 


Toggle the "Attach Calendar Event" to green to include a calendar invitation along with the email. Adjust the Event Description to include any/all details you'd like to provide to the candidate.


Once you're happy with invitations for both the Interviewers and candidate, click Save Events & Send Invites.


Your scheduled Interview Session (made up of the multiple interviews) will now appear on the Interviews tab of the Candidate Profile.

Click Reschedule to return to the calendar view and adjust the details.

Click Add Interview Session on any other stage to create sessions on those Workflow steps as well.


Interviewers will click Launch when they're ready to conduct each interview.

Completed Interview Guide feedback will be listed here as well. Click View to see the completed guide.


Beta Limitations  

We hope you love the new scheduling functionality - but we're still perfecting it, which is why this isn't released to all JazzHR users just yet.

Here's what this version of the beta won't include:

  • Integration with your calendars (Google Calendar and/or Outlook) - We hope to introduce this integration in the next few weeks!
  • Management of existing Interview Guides outside of Settings - You can use your existing Interview Guides in the new system, but you’ll need to create and update them in the Settings section. You won’t be able to manage them while scheduling sessions or adding workflow helpers.
  • Dashboard visibility - For the time being, upcoming interviews won’t be shown on the Dashboard.
  • No reverse - Once you get the beta system, you can’t go back. (Again, your scheduled events and interviews will be migrated into the new system.)

Future Improvements

We're already thinking ahead for enhancements to this first version of the beta system.

Here's what we're planning:

  • Availability sync - You’ll be able to see your team’s availability even if they don’t have JazzHR accounts.
  • Room availability sync - Support for adding your organization’s rooms and resources to interviews
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