ADP- Setting up your Applicant Onboard new hire template

One important step to integrate your ADP and JazzHR account is to set up the applicant onboard new hire template. You will need to complete the steps exactly as they are outlined in order to connect the integration.


Note: The template setup must be done by a user with the Practitioner role in ADP who can assign and manage templates.


  1. Click SETUP in the top blue tool bar in ADP.




  1. If you have the template "Applicant Onboard" in this list, proceed to step four. If you do not, follow 3a. Please note the naming of the template is case sensitive and must match exactly.

    3a. Select any existing new hire template with the word “(System)” at the end of it. Click copy.      Name the new template "Applicant Onboard".



  1. Select the "Applicant Onboard" template and click ASSIGN USERS


  1. You MUST have the two profile groups in the below screenshot visible here to proceed. If you do not, contact the main Practitioner role/Admin who manages your ADP account.



  1. Click NEXT>NEXT>DONE (unless you want to modify these two areas)


Proceed to your Marketplace purchase or to any of the other steps listed in this article!

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