JazzHR Partner Integrations

Integrate JazzHR with your favorite third-party software for a truly seamless recruiting experience.

From candidate sourcing to employee management, JazzHR proudly integrates with industry leaders so you can tackle your workload more smoothly.

This article covers:

Navigating to Integrations in JazzHR

View all available integrations right from JazzHR. Note that only Admins can access this page. Here's how:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Integrations.   


Candidate Sourcing


  • PrismHR -Integrate JazzHR with PrismHR to enable single sign-on (SSO) between the two accounts and export hired candidates from JazzHR.
  • ADP - Integrate JazzHR with ADP Workforce Now or Run Powered by ADP account to export candidates, manage users and enable single sign-on between the accounts.
  • Namely -Integrate JazzHR with Namely to export new hires from JazzHR.
  • Zenefits -Integrate JazzHR with Zenefits to initiate a two-way sync, enabling employee sync, user management, SSO and candidate export.
  • BambooHR -Integrate JazzHR with BambooHR to export candidates from JazzHR and create new employee records in BambooHR.
  • iSolved -Integrate JazzHR with iSolved to enable candidate export from JazzHR.
  • Time RackReduce manual effort and automate your employee workflow by connecting JazzHR with Time Rack.
  • WOTC.com - Create, digitize, and send Work Opportunity Tax Credit documentation for the hires you make in JazzHR by integrating with WOTC.com.
  • RetroTax - Streamline the way you identify and generate tax credits for eligible hires by integrating JazzHR with RetroTax.
  • Collage - Integrate JazzHR with Collage to automatically export candidates in a Hired disposition for streamlined onboarding.
  • GoCo - Integrate JazzHR with GoCo to export hired candidates and accompanying data for a seamless hire-to-onboard experience. 
  • Sapling - Integrate JazzHR with Sapling to automatically export candidates in a Hired disposition for a seamless hire-to-onboard experience.
  • TSheets - Integrate JazzHR with TSheets to streamline how you enter new hire data into by exporting new hires in JazzHR directly to TSheets.


  • HackerRank - Integrate JazzHR with HackerRank to automate and send programming tests to candidates.
  • SparkHire -Integrate JazzHR with SparkHire to request and store video interviews right from JazzHR.
  • Criteria - Seamlessly integrate pre-employment testing within your recruiting process by integrating JazzHR with Criteria.
  • WonderlicIntegrate JazzHR with Wonderlic to start sending and receiving Wonscore tests right from the Assessments tab of the Candidate Profile.
  • Wedge - Integrate JazzHR with Wedge to automate and send video interviews directly from JazzHR.
  • Career.Place - Integrate JazzHR with Career.Place to remove bias and drive diversity in your hiring process.

Background Checks

  • Verified First - Integrate JazzHR with Verified First to order background checks, drug screenings and more via a browser plug-in right from JazzHR.
  •  Sterling- Integrate JazzHR with CareerBuilder Employment Screening to request and track background checks.
  • CareerBuilder Employment Screening - Integrate JazzHR with CareerBuilder Employment Screening to request background checks on candidates directly through JazzHR.
  • CrimcheckIntegrate JazzHR with Crimcheck to initiate the background screening process and receive results directly from the candidate's profile in JazzHR.
  • Choice ScreeningIntegrate JazzHR with Choice Screening to request background checks on the candidate and receive results directly from the candidate's profile in JazzHR.

Email and Calendar

  • G Suite Calendar - Integrate JazzHR with your G Suite Calendar to sync availability for interview scheduling.
  • Exchange - Integrate JazzHR with your Outlook calendar to sync availability for interview scheduling. 
  • Office 365 - Integrate JazzHR with your Microsoft Office calendar to sync availability for interview scheduling.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • G Suite - Integrate your G Suite with JazzHR to allow your JazzHR users to sync their accounts and seamlessly log in to JazzHR whenever they are logged in to G Suite.
  • OneLogin - Integrate JazzHR with OneLogin to enable single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and easy connection to your internal Active Directory or LDAP Server. 
  • Okta - Integrate JazzHR with Okta to enable single sign-on and deploy apps faster.

Employer Branding

  • Recruiting.com - Recruiting.com will work with you to build a branded career site that will engage potential candidates and increase application conversion.  
  • VIZI - VIZI automatically transforms your JazzHR job descriptions into visual, branded experiences. 
  • The Muse - The Muse works to make authentic connections between employers and candidates by providing an inside look at your company’s culture, workplace, and values.
  • NextWave HireAttract the right talent with optimized career site, employee stories & talent networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I use a system not listed here - can I still integrate?

Yes! JazzHR has an open API, meaning you can proactively build out your own custom integration. We recommend reviewing and sharing our documentation with your developers. Note that all development effort for custom integrations is completed on your end. We're happy to answer questions, though!

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