Merge Duplicate Candidates

Candidates want their resumes to be seen, and they may apply more than once to maximize visibility. Whether it's across multiple jobs or the same job multiple times, duplicate candidates can clutter your pipeline.

Organize your candidate pipeline in JazzHR by merging duplicate Candidate Profiles. This process allows you to consolidate profile information while maintaining all original job-specific data.

 This article covers: 

Identifying Duplicate Candidates

JazzHR recognizes duplicate candidates based on email address and/or phone number. Candidates who apply with one or both of these matching criteria will have a notification on their Candidate Profiles:


To start the merge process:

  • Click View Possible Duplicates.
  • Check the box next to each candidate name whose profile you'd like to merge.
  • Click Start Merge.


Selecting Profile Information

Once you've identified the duplicate candidates you'd like to merge, choose which pieces of information you'd like to include in the Full Profile section of the merged Candidate Profile.

Here's how:

  • Click each active drop-down to select the preferred piece of information.
  • Click Select Most Recent Data to automatically choose the most recently submitted piece of information for each category.
  • Click Clear Selections to start the selection process over.


Reviewing Job-Specific Data

Finally, confirm which pieces of job-specific information will remain for each candidate after the merge. Note that this step is for reference only and requires no true action.

To review all job-specific information:

  • Click Show Details next to each candidate name.


Note that you'll be able to see this data post-merge by switching between jobs on the Candidate Profile. 

Completing the Merge

 Once you've selected all profile information and reviewed job-specific data, complete the merge process. Here's how:

  • Click Merge Candidates.
  • Click Yes, Merge Candidates to confirm the action. Note that this action cannot be undone.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Why are some of the drop-down's on the Select Profile Information section grayed out?

Grayed out drop-down's indicate that the candidate answered in the same way on all applications. In this way, no alternative answer exists.

Why does the Job Application section look different than the Full Profile section on my merged Candidate Profile?

Once you've merged a candidate, the Full Profile section of the resulting merged Candidate Profile will show the information you selected during the merge process. The Job Application information, however, will remain unchanged post-merge and show the original answers associated with that specific job.


How can I tell if a Candidate Profile has been merged?

Merged Candidate Profiles will be noted on the Candidates page:


On the Candidate Profile itself, merged candidates will show additional jobs in the "Other Jobs" section. Click the eye icon to view the additional job(s) and accompanying job-specific data.


The Discussion tab of the Candidate Profile will also show a merge having been completed.


Why can I see that the candidate is a duplicate, but don't have the option to merge?

Only Super Users and above have the ability to merge canddiates.

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