Facebook Jobs - Frequently Asked Questions

JazzHR customers can now seamlessly post to Facebook Jobs, one of JazzHR's newest free job board partners. Syndicate your job in JazzHR to have it automatically sent here.

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Can I post a job from my personal Facebook account?

No, you must have a Facebook Business page in order to post open jobs in JazzHR to Facebook Jobs. Without a Facebook Business page, your jobs may not be matched to the correct company profile.

How do I link my Facebook account with JazzHR?

Facebook automatically links your jobs to your Facebook Business account. You can, though, increase your jobs' rankings on Facebook Jobs by entering your Facebook Page ID into JazzHR. Here's how:

  • Click your initials in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click Account Information.*Note only Super Admins will be able to access this area. 
  • Enter your ID into the "Facebook Page ID" field.
  • Click Save Changes.

Note that you must enter your Office Location, which Facebook requires, in order to save. Be sure to enter the information for whichever location you have tied to your Facebook Business account. 


Note also that your job(s) will go to Facebook Jobs whether this field is completed or not. Again, entering this simply improves your jobs' rankings.

Where can I find my Facebook Page ID?

  • Open your Facebook Business account.
  • Click the About tab.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the "Page Info" section.
  • Find your ID next to the "Facebook Page ID" section.

Your ID will also appear as the final string of characters in your Facebook URL. Here's ours:



Why don't I see my jobs on my company Facebook page?

Your jobs will not post directly on your Facebook Business page. Entering your Facebook Page ID simply increases your jobs' rankings, but does not directly link them to your page.

Why aren't candidate resumes showing in JazzHR?

Facebook Jobs does not accept resume files from candidates. Rather, Facebook parses information from a candidate's Facebook profile and copies that to the job application.

Why aren't all of my job application questions showing on Facebook?

Facebook Jobs only supports certain question types. JazzHR customers will not be able to ask custom questionnaire questions with answer types of "Checkboxes" or "File Upload." Questions with these answer types will not appear on Facebook Jobs applications.

Are there restrictions on what Facebook Jobs will accept?

Yes, Facebook Jobs has a defined list of recommended policies that we recommend reviewing in order to ensure your posts are accepted. 

How can I ensure my first job(s) reach Facebook Jobs asap?

Facebook Jobs provides a 7-day grace period for first-time jobs to post. To expedite this process, check your Facebook notifications to approve the jobs sooner.



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