Replying to Recruiting Emails

JazzHR is an Applicant Tracking System used by employers to post jobs online and manage the recruiting process for candidates.

Employers are able to email candidates using JazzHR's built-in email feature.   Each email communication thread that is sent from JazzHR uses a unique email address.

Best Practices

1.  When responding to this unique email thread, always REPLY directly to the thread. 

In the reply, the email address will display as a unique communication thread resembling


2.  Do not REPLY ALL to the thread.  Doing so will also send an email to a no-reply email address, and you will receive a bounce-back email notification.  If you do accidentally hit REPLY ALL the email will be received by the intended recipient, but you will still receive a bounce-back from the no-reply string.

3.  Composing a new email and copying the unique email address ( will not be received by the intended recipient. You must always REPLY inline to the thread.

4.  Responding to any auto-reply emails threads titled, "Thank you for applying" will not be responded to. 

*Note:  There is a known bug with Yahoo mail that does not respect the Reply To address, thus sending the email to the From address. That is, the email is sent to the incorrect email address - "" Users who experience this bug are advised to revert back to "Classic View" to mitigate the problem.



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