Data Import Process Overview

You don't have to lose all of your previous recruiting work when you open your JazzHR account. We know that data is valuable to you so we have a few methods to help you pick up where you left off.

There are 2 different types of data imports at JazzHR:

Bulk Resume Imports

Have a bunch of resumes in folders that you’d like to import?  No problem!  We'll take care of the legwork and easily add them to your JazzHR account.  There are just a few requirements outlined below.

Bulk Resume Import Requirements

  1. Resume files need to be supplied in one or more file folders.  We cannot process files that are still attached to email messages or are located inside of outlook folders.
  2. JazzHR can organize imported resumes in one of two ways.
    • Import all resumes into a closed job in JazzHR labeled Imported Resumes
    • Import the resumes into different jobs. (If you prefer to import the resumes into different jobs, the resumes must be organized into separate folders whose names correspond to job titles in JazzHR).
  3. When ready, upload the folders to your preferred file sharing site (DropBox, FTP, or Google Drive) and share them with your implementation contact at JazzHR.

Bulk Resume FAQs

How long does it take to perform a bulk resume import?

Our team can turn these around in 5 business days or less (from receipt of data).

Is there a limit to the number of resumes included in the standard import service?

Our standard import service includes up to 5,000 resume files.  Additional files can be imported for an additional fee.

Can you import paper/scanned resume files?

JazzHR cannot import files which are scanned into PDFs.  Scanned files are treated as image files, not digital text and are unreadable by our resume parser.  

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Migrations

Are you migrating from an ATS, CRM, or homegrown system?  No problem! We can handle data imports from anywhere.

We have experience migrating data from Greenhouse, Taleo, iCIMS, Lever, Jobvite, and everything in between - even Excel spreadsheets.

How does the import process work?

Our standard import service's scope is limited to migrating all historical records from your previous system into JazzHR.  A data import can begin as soon as your job board is set up and you are ready to start hiring in JazzHR.

Here is the recommended process to ensure a clean transition from your prior system:

  1. Begin your implementation and account set up in JazzHR
  2. Complete your career page integration
  3. If you have any open jobs or candidates in your current system that you wish to work on immediately, manually move these into JazzHR. 
    1. Additionally, open any new job postings in JazzHR moving forward.
  4. Once you and your team are "working" in JazzHR and you are ready to make the switch to only work in JazzHR, close your job postings in your previous system.
  5. Requests an export of your data export from the former system.  (Once an export has been requested, do not make any more changes in your former system to ensure data integrity is maintained during the migration.)
  6. Once you receive your export, share it with your implementation contact at JazzHR.

Once we have the data we will reorganize it into the format required by our import tools.  After that, we'll schedule a call to review the data and make any final changes before performing the import.

ATS Migration FAQs

How long does it take to perform an ATS migration?

On average, data import projects from other systems take 15 business days (from receipt of data).  This is dependent on the formatting, quality, and the number of data records provided.  

More complex data export formats typically take longer - averaging 20 business days.  These include, but are not limited to: ApplicantStack, iCIMS, JobScience, and Taleo.

Is there a limit to the amount of data you will import?

The objects below are what we are capable of importing into a JazzHR account.  This is dependent on what data your previous system makes available.  If your previous system provides them, we can import them.  Our standard import service includes up to 30,000 records for each of these objects.

  1. Jobs
  2. Candidates
    1. standard application fields
    2. resume/CV file
  3. Additional candidate files/documents (if applicable)
  4. Candidate notes/comments (if applicable)
  5. Categories - please note: to import categories, the categories must be created by the user in the JazzHR account prior to import.

What data export formats do you support?

Our standard import service includes the migration of data records from other systems if they are in CSV/spreadsheet formats.  SQL backups, XML, JSON, and any non-spreadsheet formats will need to be converted by the customer or previous ATS before providing them to JazzHR.  Systems whose native export formats are not supported include, but are not limited to:

  • Bullhorn
  • Silkroad
  • BigBiller/Top Echelon
  • Ceridian
  • Compas ATS
  • Deltek/HRSmart/Visibility
  • RecruiterBox
  • PCRecruiter

Please note that we do support Google Hire exports even though their format is in JSON. In addition to the JSON files, we will need the report exports as found here:

Attached are two sample spreadsheets containing our supported fields.  These can be used as a guide for organizing your data.

Sample Spreadsheets Key Notes:

1.  Any fields in red text are required fields.  They must have a value in order to create a record in JazzHR.  

2.  All other fields are entirely optional.

3.  In order to import candidates and their associated resumes or files, the resume_file_name (column AI) must be specified.  Additionally, a folder containing the resume_file_name as it is listed must be provided.

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