Refresh Your Job

Attract new candidates to your job by making it appear as "new" again on Indeed with the Job Refresh feature.

Note that this feature only appears on jobs that have been open and syndicated consistently for 90+ days. Any time the job spends in a status other than "Open" or non-syndicated does not count toward the 90 days.

This article covers:

Filling a Job Before Job Refresh is Needed

Here are some ways to attract more qualified candidates and increase the chances that your job will be filled within 90 days:

  • Identify industry-specific, job-specific and location-specific job boards to target the right candidates. Some examples:

      1. Careers 2.0 Stack Overflow and Dice - Great for filling engineering, development, and other technical positions. JazzHR also integrates directly with these boards.

      2. Monster and CareerBuilder - Great for larger organizations looking for mid to high-level professionals.

      3. Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed (paid postings) - Boards with the highest volume (and competition). Great for increasing overall candidate traffic, though this doesn't necessarily equate with candidate quality. Sponsoring on several of these, rather than just one, may yield best results.

      4. Mediabistro, Mashable, BioSpace, Etc. - Use our Custom Job Links to easily post and track candidates anywhere you choose.

  • Leverage JazzHR to best reflect your culture and attract candidates. Strengthen your brand, for example, by integrating your careers page:

    1. JazzHR Hosted Page - This is the page candidates see when applying from any job board. Add your logo and website colors to match your brand.

    2. Custom Careers Page - Use the Jobs Widgets, API, or XML feed for a seamless, on-brand candidate experience.

  • Harness social media and Referrals - Share your job on LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Facebook directly through JazzHR. Also, take advantage of internal recommendations via the Refer tab of each job.

Refreshing Your Job

Your job becomes eligible for Job Refresh once it's been open and syndicated for 90+ days. At this time, you'll see the following notifications on:

  1. The main Jobs page:


    2. The job's landing page:


To refresh your job:

  • Click the word "refreshed" in the job-page notification.
  • Click "Yes" to confirm.


Always refresh your jobs when you see this notification, as keeping them up to date is very important. If, for example, you see the Job Refresh notification for jobs that you have already filled, be sure to mark candidates as hired, and change the job status appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refresh a job before 90 days?

No, job boards (like Indeed and Glassdoor) have strict standards that dictate 90 days as the appropriate lifecycle for a job. Waiting at least this amount of time to refresh jobs ensures you remain compliant with these standards.

Not adhering to these policies can result in being “blacklisted” from the job boards, meaning that you would no longer be able to post for free at all.

I don't see my job on the job boards, and I know it should have the Job Refresh option. What should I do?

Our job board partner, Indeed, goes by the syndication date of your position, not the job creation date. If you open "Job A" on January 20, it will be available for a "refresh" on April 20.

If the job is NOT refreshed between April 20th and May 20th, Indeed will remove this position from the XML feed, and it will disappear from the board.

Jobs must be refreshed within 90-120 days, or they will not be displayed on their board. If you see this has happened, you will need to clone the position and use Bulk Actions to move your candidates to the new position.

How does refreshing a job affect reporting?

Each job is counted separately in reporting. Refreshing the job will not create a new copy of the job. Cloning a job, on the other hand, will create a new job and thus a new record to report on.

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