How to Use Job Refresh

Job Refresh makes it possible for you to take any open job that has been syndicated for 90+ days and make that job appear as “new” on the free job boards. Using Job Refresh enables you to attract new candidates to older syndicated jobs without having to open a new job.

NOTE: The Job Refresh feature only appears on a job after the job has been syndicated (posted) to the free job boards for 90+ days. Creating a new, non-syndicated job or putting an existing job in an open status without syndicating it does not count toward the 90 days that need to pass before the Job Refresh feature is shown.

What do I need to know before using Job Refresh?

Taking steps to ensure that a job is filled within 90 days can eliminate the need to use Job Refresh. We can help; below are some ways to attract more qualified candidates and increase the chances that your job will be filled quickly:

  1. Identify good industry-specific, job-specific and location-specific job boards to target the right candidates.

    1. Examples:

      1. Careers 2.0 Stack Overflow and Dice - Perfect boards to fill engineering, development, and other technical positions, and we integrate directly with both of these boards.

      2. Monster and Careerbuilder - Great for service industry and sales positions.

      3. Indeed PPC, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn (Paid Postings) - Widely regarded as the most popular job boards. Paid postings, as opposed to free, can increase your candidate flow in a short period of time.

      4. Mediabistro, Mashable, BioSpace, Etc. - Use our Get a Job Link feature to easily post and track candidates anywhere you choose.

  2. Strengthen your employer brand by integrating your careers page. Your employer brand is important for attracting candidates. JazzHR gives you multiple options for creating a great applicant experience that reflects your employer brand:

    1. Hosted Job Board - This is the page that candidates will see when applying from any job board. Adding your logo and incorporating your website colors can easily make this page match your brand.

    2. Custom Careers Site - Use the Job Widgets, API, or XML Feed so candidates can easily apply on your website.

  3. Harness the power Social Media and Referrals - We offer an easy way for anyone to share a job on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. There is also an intuitive Referral Program built into our system.

How do I refresh my jobs?

  • You will see notifications on both the Jobs listing page and on a job’s landing page when a job has been syndicated for 90+ days and becomes eligible for Job Refresh.
  • NOTE: It is very important to keep your job statuses up to date. If, for example, you see the Job Refresh notification for jobs that you have already filled, be sure to mark candidates as hired for those jobs, and change the job status appropriately.
  • You can refresh the job by clicking the “refresh it” link in the notification. When you click that link, a confirmation message is displayed, and you can complete the refresh action by confirming that you wish to proceed.

Can I refresh a job before it is 90+ days old?

  • No. Waiting at least 90 days to refresh jobs protects you by making sure you remain compliant with Job Board Standards. Job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor have strict policies when it comes to posting jobs on their sites.
  • For a good job seeker experience, it is important to let your job run 90+ days before re-posting. Not adhering to these policies can get you “blacklisted” from the job boards, meaning that you are no longer able to post free jobs to these boards. In other words, once you are blacklisted, you will need to pay for every posting.

I don't see my job on the job boards and I know it should have an option to refresh. What should I do?

  • Our job board partner, Indeed, goes by the syndication date of your position, not the job creation date. If you open "Job A" on January 20, it will be available for a "refresh" on April 20. If the job is NOT refreshed between April 20th and May 20th, Indeed will remove this position from the XML feed and it will disappear. The job must be refreshed within 90-120 days, or the job will not be displayed on their board. If you see this has happened, you will need to clone the position and bulk action your candidates to the new position.
  • Not sure how to bulk action candidates? VISIT OUR SUPPORT ARTICLE HERE. 

How does refreshing a job affect reporting?

Each job is counted separately in reporting. Refreshing the job will not create a copy of the job. Cloning a job, on the other hand, will create a new job and thus a new record to report on.

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