How to Perform Bulk Actions

If you're looking to speed up manual tasks, organize your candidate database, communicate quickly, and screen faster, start using Bulk Actions! We will walk you through the process of the bulk actions available to you in the system and give you a few examples of how they could be used. 

Bulk Disposition Candidates after a Job is Filled

After you mark a job as filled, you may want to move all the candidates not selected for the position into a Not Hired disposition. This helps keep your Jazz account organized and consistent. 

  1. Click Candidates 
  2. Click Bulk Actions
  3. Select the job you've filled from the dropdown list (pro tip: you can search by job title or location in this dropdown)
  4. You can select specific workflow stages if you want to, or just leave it blank to grab everyone
  5. Click Search
  6. Click the checkbox at the top of the list to select all, or click the checkbox by each candidate's name to pick individual people
  7. Click Choose Bulk Action
  8. Toggle Change Status to Yes
  9. Select the updated status they should be in
  10. Click Perform Bulk Actions

Voila! No more wading through page after page of candidates manually moving them or having messy jobs with hundreds of new candidates when the position has long since been filled. 

Contacting Candidates with Certain Criteria

You may want to reach out to candidates across all your jobs based on keywords in their resume or categories. This is another way to use your candidate pipeline to quickly fill positions without having to wait for new resumes to come in. 

  1. Click Candidates
  2. Click Bulk Actions
  3. Type in the resume keyboards and/or select the category relevant to the need you're looking to fill
  4. Select the candidates you want to email
  5. Click Choose Bulk Actions
  6. Toggle Send an Email to Yes
  7. Agree to the terms of use
  8. Select your email template
  9. Scroll down and click Perform Bulk Actions to send off your email!

Reaching out to Candidates in your Pipeline

If you are opening a new position that likely has interest from candidates who have previously applied for one of your jobs, you can bring them out of a "filed away" status and into an active status and send them a notification that the position is open at the same time. This lets you keep your finger on certain candidates as you try to reengage them. 

  1. Click Candidates
  2. Click Bulk Actions
  3. Select the job you're working in
  4. Select the candidates you want to consider
  5. Click Choose Bulk Actions
  6. Toggle Send an Email and Change Status to Yes
  7. Choose your email template and who the email will be from
  8. Select the updated workflow status the candidates should be in

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change workflow stages across multiple jobs?

No, you will need to do it individually within a job.

I noticed this a beta, what does this mean?

This means we are in our initial stages of releasing this feature! We welcome your feedback and are constantly improving bulk actions. Just click the Share Feedback button at any time to let us know what you think!

Do bulk emails get logged in the candidate profile?




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