Using Role Model/Role Match

Create Role Models in the JazzHR platform by indicating criteria and its importance within the Performer Dimensions.
The content for criteria within the dimensions can be found in job descriptions and via input from hiring teams.

Follow these steps to create a Role Model:

  1. Click on SETTINGS
  2. Click on the PEOPLE tab
  3. Click on the plus sign next to Role Models
  4. Click on the dimension (example: Experience) for which you'd like to add criteria. Each dimension provides examples of what criteria may be included.
  5. Type in the desired criteria (example: 3 - 5 years experience managing a team).
  6. Indicate the importance of the criteria through the drop-down menu. The options are Must Have, Should Have and Nice to Have.
  7. Click Add Another Criteria to add more criteria to the same dimension. Click Add Criteria to finish adding criteria for this dimension and move on to the next one.

Through role models, you can use Performance Recruiting and Performance Coaching tools in JazzHR. A Role Model is a structured system to define and prioritize the hard skills, soft skills, personality traits, and requirements, aka Performer Dimensions, of a high-performing person for any individual role.  Creating a Role Model can help you rally your team behind the image of the ideal candidate, and help you more quickly and correctly identify how closely each candidate compares to that image.

Once you have created a Role Model, your next step is to attach it to a job so members of your Hiring Team can complete it.  

  1. Create a new job or edit an existing job
  2. In the Job Posting tab, choose your role model from the drop-down menu labeled Role Model
  3. Click Save Job

Now hiring team members will be able to complete match cards for applicants to that role. Once a match card is complete for a candidate for that role, you cannot switch role models on the job. You are able to edit role models at any time from the People tab.  Match Cards are completed for candidates based on a Role Model that you add to a job.

To begin completing a Match Card:

  1. Click the candidate's name
  2. Click on the ASSESSMENTS tab
  3. Click the + New Match Card button.  This will open up the Match Card associated with the Role Model of the job to which the candidate applied.
  4. Select one of the following for each Performer Dimension:
    • N/A - the criteria does not apply to the candidate or the role
    • Thumbs Down - the candidate does not fit the criteria
    • Question Mark - unsure the candidate fits the criteria
    • Thumbs Up - the candidate fits the criteria
  5. Click Submit Match Card

You will now see a column in the Role Match tab with your votes. Interviewers are also prompted to fill out a match card following completion of an interview guide, provided the role model is attached to the job.


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