Add and Use Workflow Helpers

Stop wasting time on busywork. Instead, automate it with JazzHR's Workflow Helpers.

Attach one or more Workflow Helpers to any Workflow stage/disposition to automate certain tasks as you move the candidate through your pipeline.

This article covers:

Adding Workflow Helpers to a Workflow Template

Add Workflow Helpers to a Workflow template to ensure your automation reaches all new jobs you add to that Workflow going forward. Here's how:

  • Click Settings.
  • Click Workflows.
  • Click the name of the Workflow you'd like to edit.
  • Scroll to the Workflow stage or disposition on which you'd like to set up an automation. Remember Workflow Helpers will be triggered anytime a candidate is moved into this stage/disposition. 
  • Click Add.
  • Select which Workflow Helper you'd like from the drop-down.

Adding Workflow Helpers to an Existing Job

Adding Workflow Helpers to a Workflow template will not affect existing jobs. Instead, you need to update those Workflows manually with new Workflow Helpers. Here's how:

  • Click Jobs.
  • Find the Job you wish to update.
  • Click Edit Job.
  • Click the Workflow tab.
  • Find the stage/disposition where you want to add the Workflow Helper.
  • Click Add.
  • Select which Workflow Helper you'd like from the drop-down.

Adding Different Types of Workflow Helpers

Using Workflow Helpers, you can automatically: send an email, send a questionnaire, assign a task and make an interview guide become available. Each of these will be triggered once the candidate is moved into the stage they're attached to. Here's how to add each from the Workflow:

Adding an Email

  • Click Add.
  • Select Email.
  • Select an email template from the list.
  • Select who this email will come from via the Send From drop-down. Note: Email responses will always go back to the person who moves the candidate into the new stage.
  • Select who this email will go to via the Choose Recipients drop-down.
  • Click Add Email.


Assigning a Task

  • Click Add.
  • Select Task.
  • Enter text for the "Title" and "Notes" field.
  • Select who you'd like to assign the task to via the Assign To drop-down.
  • Click Add Task.


Adding an Interview

  • Click Add.
  • Select Interview.
  • Select an Interview Guide template.
  • Click Add Interview.


Automating a Questionnaire

  • Click Add.
  • Select Questionnaire.
  • Select the questionnaire you want the candidate to complete.
  • Select an email template that should be sent along with the questionnaire
  • Click Add Questionnaire to Stage.


Use Cases

From contacting candidates to reminding teammates to record feedback, Workflow Helpers serve many purposes. Here's a few to jumpstart your process:

  • Request more feedback: A workflow helper is set to the “Screen” workflow stage to assign the Task “Review resume and @mention HR with notes” to the hiring manager. When a candidate is moved to the “Screen” status, the task is automatically assigned to the Hiring Manager, who can then take his or her next steps and follow the instructions in the task.
  • Send rejection letter: “Not a fit” workflow stage can be set to send the “Rejection Letter” email template to the candidate. When the candidate is moved to this stage, the email is sent to them automatically!
  • Screen out a candidate or collect additional information: You can add additional questionnaires to be sent to the candidate in certain parts of the hiring process. Use this to automate collecting onboarding documentation or see writing samples from your candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I reorder my workflow stages? Will my candidates be moved around?

Reordering a workflow has no impact on your applicant pool. You will not be able to delete a Workflow step if an applicant is currently set to it.

Can I control who the Workflow Helper email comes from? 

Yes! We're very pleased to announce that as of June 2018 users can now decide from whom Workflow Helper emails come. You can now select from your company as a whole, the Hiring Manager or the individual triggering the Workflow change.

Note, though, that all responses will go to the individual who triggered the workflow helper.


Can I deselect Workflow Helper emails or tasks? 

Yes, whenever you move the candidate into a stage with a Workflow Helper, you will have the option to deselect the helper.

Can I assign a Workflow Helper to someone outside of JazzHR?

No, not at this time. Workflow Helpers are currently only compatible with users of JazzHR. If you need to set a Workflow Helper for someone outside of JazzHR, the best workaround is to assign a Task to a current user reminding them to manually notify the outside user.


NOTE: HERO plan customers do not have the ability to add workflow helpers as part of the workflow.

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