Batch Actions

Batch actions allow you to work with Candidates as a group rather than filtering through individual profiles. They are especially helpful when combined with the Advanced Search function, which allows you to find candidates that do or do not meet your criteria. Once you have completed the search, you can use the Batch Actions appropriately and save yourself time.

How to Perform Batch Actions on Candidates

  1. Perform a Candidate search.
    • Be sure to select a job if you wish to change the status of many candidates at once
  2. Click either:
    • the check box next to each candidate name, or
    • the single check box at the top next to Candidate to select all names.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click the drop-down Batch Actions menu.
  5. Choose the action(s) you'd like for all the applicants.
  6. Click Go!

The batch actions you can complete are as follows:

  • Change status if you searched a specified job.
  • Add to Watch List.
  • Remove from Watch List.
  • Delete applicant. *Note: This cannot be undone.*
  • Assign star ranking from one to five stars.
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