Feature Request Process

Here at JazzHR, we take your feedback seriously.

Our team truly appreciates hearing about your JazzHR experience and reviews each suggestion individually in order to inform our product development process with real customer data.

In fact, we use your requests to shape each and every product enhancement we release.

To ensure we're always prioritizing what’s most important and delivering the greatest value to all of our customers, we take the following factors into consideration when planning our roadmap:
  • The number of customers requesting a certain feature.
  • How that feature fits in with the JazzHR product roadmap, design principles and vision.
  • The amount of engineering effort required to implement the feature.
  • The productivity gains of adding the feature for the entire JazzHR customer base.

JazzHR encourages you to continue to keep an eye out for new feature releases and continue to submit your feedback at feedback@jazzhr.com.

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