Using Custom Job Links

There may be a time when you want to post to a job board outside of JazzHR's standard free job boards. If you have a local job board, university job posting site, or your own account on LinkedIn, you can use our custom job link creator to make a link that will track the source of that custom job board and funnel your candidates into JazzHR.

You can find the custom job link creator in a few different places:

  • Actions dropdown of a job

  • Advertise tab of a job


  • Refer tab within a job


To use a pre-populated source:

  1. Click Create Job Link
  2. Select a job board from the drop-down menu. (Example: Craigslist, LinkedIn Paid)
  3. You will see the custom link that will track this source generate below.


To create your own source:

  1. Enter the value to save as the source in the empty box. (Example: UPITT, PGHGazette, CareerFair)
  2. The unique URL will appear under: Here is your custom link that will track this source.
  3. Copy this link.

How to use the link:

  1. On the job board, paste the link under "How to Apply" in your job description.
  2. The applicant will click on the URL, which will link back to your jobs page.
  3. The source for that application will be that job board.
  4. Confirm the URL by copying and pasting it into your browser.

The link can be used for any site on which you are posting a job or a traditional print ad.

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