Using Offer Letters

So, you have posted your job online, sourced a number of candidates, screened and interviewed the qualified candidates, and have finally decided on the best hire for the position. Now, it's time to send the candidate an offer letter, and with JazzHR, you can easily create and an error-free offer letter in minutes.

Before you create an offer, make sure you have already created your offer template(s) to ensure a streamlined process when uploading your offer to a candidate profile.

1. Click on SETTINGS

2. Click on DOCUMENTS on the left side


4. Create offer template

Create an Offer Letter for a Candidate

1.  Go to the individual's candidate profile and click the DOCUMENTS tab.  Then click +ADD OFFER.
2.  Select an offer template from the drop down menu.  
3.  Secure the offer by selecting which users should see it.


5.  The Offer Template will load and automatically highlight the offer fields that need to be filled in. Go ahead and fill in the highlighted offer fields with their appropriate values.
6.  Click GENERATE LETTER to continue with generating the offer letter.
7.  Name the offer letter and set the security on the document using the drop down.
8. Underneath the DOCUMENTS section where you see the file, click the dropdown carrot and then SEND AS EDOCUMENT. You can then add various signers to this to view and approve the document.

The offer letter in now created and visible under the Documents section of the DOCUMENTS tab.

Send an Offer Letter to a Candidate

Once you've created the offer letter, you can download it and send it to the candidate via email. You can click on an offer to change its status once the candidate accepts or rejects it.

JazzHR customers with the e-Signatures feature can send the offer letter as an eDocument and this will automatically update the offer status.  To get access to the e-Signatures feature, please contact the Customer Support Team:
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