Offer Templates Overview

When JazzHR customers are able to expedite the final stages of the hiring process, they can quickly land the ideal candidates. With the goal of enabling customers to land top candidates faster and more painlessly, JazzHR provides a simple way to manage and send offers.

The first part of setting up offers involves the use of Offer Templates.

Offer Templates

Offer Templates are Microsoft Word documents (.docx format) that contain your company's offer letter content along with the relevant JazzHR offer field labels. Once uploaded, offer templates can be used to easily create an error-free offer letter for a candidate in JazzHR. 

To create an Offer Template, first create your offer letter in a Microsoft Word document (.docx format).  Next download our offer fields template. This is also available in JazzHR under Settings > Templates > Documents > +CREATE OFFER > DOWNLOAD FIELDS TEMPLATE.  Copy and paste any of the offer field labels into the sections or sentences in your document where you want the information to appear.  When you are finished, upload your completed Offer Templates into JazzHR as follows:

1.  Offer Templates can be uploaded into JazzHR by roles with Administrative privileges by clicking Settings > TEMPLATES > Documents > + NEW DOCUMENT > +CREATE OFFER 

2.  Click CHOOSE FILE and select the .docx offer template you just created. Optionally, you can rename the document once uploaded.

3.  When finished, click UPLOAD OFFER TEMPLATE

NOTE:  To replace an offer template, you must edit the .docx file and then upload a new template to JazzHR.  Remember to delete the old template to keep your documents organized! This will not affect candidates associated with any old templates.

Now that you've setup your Offer Templates, you can use them to create and send an offer letter to a candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get an ERROR PROCESSING REQUEST when I upload my offer template in DOCX form.

Check to make sure the file isn't locked.

  1. Select document in Finder.
  2. Get Info (command + i)
  3. Expand the General header.
  4. Look for the Locked box at bottom
  5. Uncheck, if checked.
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