How to Create and Send eTemplates

JazzHR allows you to turn commonly used onboarding documents into eTemplates - eliminating the need to assign fields every time you need to send an eDocument. 

Note that this is only available to Pro customers or Plus customers with Offers and eTemplates.

This article will cover how to:

Create an eTemplate

An eTemplate can consist of one or more (up to 10) documents that can be used to easily request candidate information and signatures digitally. JazzHR recommends uploading documents into a logical folder structure for yourself and your team.

Before you can create an eTemplate, you will need to upload your document(s) to JazzHR.  To start uploading documents:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. Select Documents on the left.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click +New Document and select Upload Document. 
  5. Choose a file to upload, name the document and choose a destination folder. Click Upload Document. 

Once the document(s) are uploaded, you can create an eTemplate!   Here's how to get started:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. Select Documents on the left.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click +New Document and select Create eTemplate. 
  5. Name the eTemplate and choose a destination folder from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click +Add Documents to choose the document(s) that will be sent to the candidate. *Note that you may only bundle documents here. You cannot bundle eTemplates on the Candidate level.
  7. Add Signer Roles to the document and set the signing order.
    • Signer Roles are labels for who should sign the documents and in what order. JazzHR suggests using general titles such as "Hiring Manager" or "Regional Director".
  8. Click Assign Fields and Save to add signature and text fields to the document(s).
    • Add fields to the documents by dragging and dropping them onto the document. Each signer role you added must be assigned to at least one field. Once a field has been added to the document, select which Signer Role is responsible for completing it and if it is required or not.
  9. Click Continue.


You can either Test This Template or Return to Documents

Now that you've set up the eTemplate, you can use it to send an eDocument to a candidate, new employee, or internal signer.

Send eTemplates from the Candidate Profile 

Once you've created your eTemplate, head to the Candidate Profile to start requesting candidate eSignatures by sending an eTemplate. 

First, navigate to the candidate's profile,

  1. Click on the Documents tab. 
  2. Click +Add Document.
  3. Click the Select tab.
  4. Select the eTemplate.
  5. Click Add Documents.


 The eTemplate will then be listed in the Documents section. Click the drop-down arrow next to the eTemplate and select Send as eDocument.  From there,

  1. Name the final document.
    • Note that a
  2. Set the security on the document.
  3. Choose a signer for each role as specified in the eTemplate.
  4. Select an email template or craft a new one.
  5. Click Preview and Send.

Preview the documents and add any eSignature fields as needed. Once you're ready, click Send to send the eTemplate to all signers with your chosen customization.


You can check the status of your eSignature request by hovering over the status field.  A question mark indicates the signer has not signed, while a checkmark indicates the signer has completed the document. Once all signees have completed the document, the status will change from Pending to Signed.

Add eTemplates as Workflow Helpers

To fully streamline onboarding process, add the sending of eDocuments to your Workflow as a Workflow Helper. Here's how:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Workflows.
  3. Find the stage on which you'd like the eDocument sent out.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Select eSignature Document.
  6. Choose the eTemplate you'd like to be sent or click +Add eDocument to create a new one.
  7. Secure the document by selecting a visibility group.
  8. Select an email template to include alongside the eDocument.
  9. Click Add eSignature Document to Stage.


Once you move a candidate into this Workflow Stage, you’ll be prompted to automatically send the eDocument you attached to the stage.


Request eSignatures On-the-Fly

To send an eDocument on the fly, you will have to have documents uploaded to your candidate or the Settings > Documents section.  Documents eligible for eSigning include Word docs, PDFs, images, etc.  To use a document you've uploaded, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the candidate profile and click the Documents tab.  Then click SEND eDOCUMENT
  2. Name the final document.
  3. Click +ADD DOCUMENTS.  Select the documents to add and click ADD DOCUMENTS. NOTE: eTemplates are not available for selection when sending an eDocument on the fly.
  4. Set the security on the document using the drop down.  
  5. Choose the signers of the document. You can ADD SIGNERs on the fly or ADD CC. The CCed person will simply get a copy of the final signed document.
  6. If you wish to redirect signers to a different page other than the default confirmation page, set it in the optional field.  
  7. Compose an email that will be sent along with a link to the eDocuments for signing
  8. If the eDocument contains an Offer letter you can mark the eDocument as an Offer and select an Offer.  To finish, you will click "Assign Fields and Send".  In the screen that appears, you will drag and drop fields and assign them to the signers that you added to the eDocument. 


Activate and Access Your Free HelloSign Account

Each JazzHR account with Offers and eTemplates receives a free HelloSign account to send and sign unlimited eSignature documents through your JazzHR account. To access your free account:

  1. Visit the HelloSign Login page.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Click Forgot Password.

You'll then receive a link to create a HelloSign password. Once you create a password, you'll be able to view the status and activity of your eSignatures sent from JazzHR!

Please note: With your free Hellosign account, you are able to send up to 3 documents per user per month directly from HelloSign. If you need additional capabilities to send documents for eSignature outside of JazzHR, please visit Hellosign's website.


Will I be notified when a candidate signs an eTemplate?

Yes, by default, the person who sent the eSignature request will receive a notification once the signers view the request and then complete the request. You can adjust your notification settings within your HelloSign personal profile.

How do I cancel a signature request on eDocument I've already sent?

From the Documents tab of the Candidate Profile, click the actions drop-down next to the eDocument you wish to cancel and select Cancel Signature Request. Check the box if you'd like to send a cancellation email to signers who have not yet signed. If the eDocument contains an Offer, you can also Reject the Offer at this time. 

Can I download the signed documents once they've been completed?

Yes, click the actions drop-down next to the eDocument you wish to download, and select Download Signed Document.

Can I go back and edit an eTemplate once it has been sent? 

No, neither you nor a candidate can edit documents once they have been sent, signed, or accepted. You will have to delete the old document and generate a new one with the correct changes.

When I send an eDocument for signing, is that activity logged on the Emails tab of the Candidate Profile?

No, the sending of eSignatures is not logged in the Emails tab at this time. 

Do I have to assign these fields and save every time I send an eDocument?

No you do not, once you create an eTemplate you can send it along easily with the fields already assigned! Note: eTemplates functionality is a bit different than sending an Offer letter. You will have to drag and drop the signer fields on an offer, but if you build out an eTemplate, these are already built. 

How secure is HelloSign?

For more information on HelloSign's security, you can check out this link.

Do signature requests expire?

Signature requests do not expire, but the original link will expire once a reminder email is sent out. Then, only the newest link sent through that reminder will work. If the signer attempts to access an old link, they will run into an expired link page again.

Why do I receive a "Sorry, this link is no longer valid" message when I try to sign my document?

This means the signature link you were trying to open expired, which happens when you start a signature request on one device, browser or IP address, but try to complete it on another device, browser or IP address. Trying to re-access the link again from another device invalidates the link. To resolve, click on the "request a new link" button and make sure you both view and sign the signature request on the same device, IP address or browser. 


Once I send an eDocument, how often are reminders sent to those awaiting signatures?

HelloSign will send a reminder email to eDocument recipients on the 3rd and 7th day.

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