Using Email Scheduling

When communicating with your applicants, timing can be everything. JazzHR allows you to send messages right away, delay them for a custom/specified time, or save them as a draft for later.

Scheduling email messages makes it easier to maintain relationships with candidates and improve communication!  

Custom Email Scheduling to Individual Candidates

First, navigate to the Candidate's Profile:

  1. Click the Emails tab.
  2. Click the + NEW EMAIL button to send a message.
  3. Compose your message or select a template.
  4. Click the Now dropdown to choose a pre-created scheduled time or click Custom... to choose a custom date and time and click Done.  
  5. Click Schedule.

Your email is now scheduled to send at the selected time. 


Saving an Email as a Draft

If you create an email but still need to make some edits before sending, you can save it as a draft. You can pro-actively save the email as a draft by clicking the Now dropdown and choosing Save as a draft and click Save.

JazzHR will prompt you to save the email as a draft if you close out of an email before choosing to send or schedule. 


Once saved, the draft will be listed in the Emails tab of the candidate profile where it can be revisited and revised by selecting it from the list and clicking the edit icon.

Scheduled Emails to Candidates via Workflow Helpers

Using scheduled emails is similar to sending any email through JazzHR.  You can set up Workflow Helpers to trigger or schedule an email when a candidate's workflow status is changed. 

When a candidate's workflow stage is changed to a new stage with an email Workflow Helper attached, you'll be prompted to send or schedule the email template. To send the email immediately, select Now and click Confirm Status Change.  To schedule the email:

  1. Click the Now dropdown to choose a pre-created scheduled time or click Custom... to choose a custom date and time and click Done.  
  2. Click Schedule.

Once you've selected your time frame, click Confirm Status Change. Your email is now scheduled!


Sending Scheduled Emails to Hiring Team Members

Sometimes you want to send an internal email message, but not immediately. If you'd like to schedule an email to a hiring team member or members, you can use workflow helpers. When setting up the workflow helper, you'll have the option to choose the recipient now:

  • User Triggering the Task (the person moving the candidate from one workflow stage to another)
  • Hiring Manager
  • Hiring Team

Or choose from the following lists when you're scheduling the email:

  • Hiring Team Member(s)
  • User(s)

Viewing Scheduled Emails

You can see any messages that are scheduled in a Candidate's Email tab. If a message has been sent, it will show the date and time at which it was sent.  If the email is still scheduled, you'll see Scheduled where the date and time would typically appear.

Canceling Scheduled Emails

Don't worry if you want to cancel a scheduled email. (Circumstances may have changed in the interim or you may have made a mistake.)

Follow these steps to cancel a scheduled message:

  1. Click on the candidate's name.
  2. Click Emails.
  3. Click on the message you wish to cancel. (It must say Scheduled.)
  4. Click the trashcan to cancel and delete the message or click the pencil to cancel and save the message as a draft. 

*Please note: Moving a candidate into a different stage does not cancel a scheduled email. In order to cancel a scheduled email, please follow the instructions above.

If you have any additional questions on scheduling emails in JazzHR, contact our JazzHR support team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will JazzHR send my Out of-Office/Away message to Candidates and JazzHR email senders?
For Gmail users, your availability will show up on the JazzHR calendar, but your vacation responder will not send messages to candidates or JazzHR email senders.

As for Outlook users, the "Out of Office" availability status will not show up on the JazzHR calendar, but the "Busy" status will. Outlook auto-response emails will not be relayed through JazzHR. Please plan accordingly due to these settings.

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