Using Performance Recruiting


What’s a Performer?

Performers are employees who transform teams and companies by aligning themselves to your mission and considering your company's success critical to their own.

Why is it important to hire Performers?

80% of companies’ total output comes from the top 20% of their employees — Performers. Companies that recruit Performers Only, rather than just average employees, can recognize 2x profit and 3.5x revenue. Average employees can limit company performance for years to come.

How do I know a Performer when I see one?

  • Flexible and extremely passionate – gravitate to big ideas, able to translate broad and rich skillsets to performance at your company
  • Talented, engaged and highly competent – accountable and inspirational to colleagues, consistently exceed expectations
  • Force multipliers who make immediate impact – Essential, may mean the difference between single and triple digit company growth
  • Actively scouted and recruited by others – join companies of brands they respect, where they are guaranteed to do interesting work that furthers their goals

Performance Recruiting

What is Performance Recruiting?

It’s a recruiting methodology. It transforms both how and who you hire by defining and understanding a profile of what performance looks like for each role in your company, rallying your hiring team around that profile and measuring candidates against it.

How is Performance Recruiting different than other recruiting methodologies?

Unlike other recruiting methodologies, Performance Recruiting focuses your people and your process around recruiting and hiring Performers Only, not just filling positions and avoiding bad hires.

What type of companies benefit the most from performance recruiting?

Every company benefits from performance recruiting. Those with a greater need for company growth can benefit even more. It is a misconception that small companies do not need to worry about their recruiting process yet; the negative impact of poor or average performing employee is felt even more the fewer employees there are.

What are the elements of Performance Recruiting?

  • Performer Dimensions – Different aspects of a high-performing candidate for a specific role, including hard skills, soft skills, personality traits and requirements
  • Role Model – An ideal picture of what a Performer looks like for a particular role, describing how important each Performer Dimension is to that role
  • Role Match – A comparison of a candidate’s traits against the Performer Dimensions and their importance in your Role Model

Is Performance Recruiting different than Performance Management?

Yes. Performance Recruiting is the better approach because:

  • Performance Management is retroactive, only looking at an employee’s performance once they have joined your company, after it’s already too late.
  • Performance Management methodologies are complicated and prescriptive.
  • Performance Recruiting is proactive, lightweight and easy for anyone on your team to understand, and it helps you uncover past predictors of future performance and map them to your unique environment.

Performer Dimensions

What are Performer Dimensions?

Performer Dimensions give recruiters and hiring managers a structured system to define and prioritize the hard skills, soft skills, personality traits and requirements of a high-performing person for any role.

What are all the Performer Dimensions?

  • Domain Expertise – Subject matter knowledge around issues, best practices and tools
  • Experience – Years in profession or employment at specific company
  • Education – Degrees, courses, certifications, colleges and universities
  • Accomplishments – Awards, accolades, acknowledgments and achieved goals
  • Leadership – Management, coaching, presentation and recruiting skills
  • Communication – Written, verbal, presentation and public speaking skills
  • Judgement – Ethics, morals, decision-making and analytical skills
  • Autonomy – Self motivation, self direction and self improvement skills
  • Productivity – Planning, project management and organization skills
  • Cultural Fit – Personality traits, work ethic and interpersonal skills

Are all the Performer Dimensions important?

All Performer Dimensions can be indicators of future performance. The degree to which a candidate must possess any specific Dimension depends on the individual role in your company. Knowing how important — or unimportant — each Dimension is to that role is required to understand the ideal model to match against.

How are Performer Dimensions different from skills tests, personality indicators or other assessments I may already use?

Skills tests, personality indicators and other assessments give you narrow insight into particular traits of candidates themselves. Performer Dimensions build a holistic view of a candidate’s traits and map them to future performance for roles in your unique environment.

Performance Recruiting Software

What’s performance recruiting software?

Performance recruiting software connects the recruiting process with performance by aligning your people and your processes around a picture of performance, or Role Model, for roles in your company.

How is performance recruiting software different than your typical applicant tracking system?

With performance recruiting software, hiring managers are heavily involved in defining what a Performer looks like for their roles. When everyone on the hiring team understands what performance looks like:

  • Screening candidates goes faster
  • Interviews get more focused
  • Better hiring decisions are made

What new or special features can be found in a performance recruiting platform?

Performance recruiting software helps your hiring team build Role Models that describe a high-performing employee for a specific role, using a set of traits, or Performer Dimensions, and their importance to that role that make it easy to determine how well candidates match your Role Model.

What makes performance recruiting software familiar to people who’ve used other systems?

Performance recruiting software does everything traditional recruiting software and applicant tracking systems do, providing all the same convenience and automation of workflow and process, yet leading to better results because it focuses on time to performance.

JazzHR Performance Recruiting Software

How is this different than your Evaluations feature?

Evaluations allow you to gain additional quantifiable insight into a candidate with completely customizable weighted and measured questions about any subject you choose.


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