Frequently Asked Questions

How to Add a Job to a Candidate's Profile

  1. Click the candidate's name, either from the Job or Candidate page.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Status Change dropdown.
  3. Select Add Job.
  4. Choose the job to be associated with the Candidate. 
  5. Click Add Job.   
  6. Click Candidate to see the new job that has been added.

 How to Find Your Company ID on LinkedIn

  1. Log into LinkedIn
  2. Search for your company
  3. Copy the ID number from the URL, which is usually seven digits.
  4. Paste the ID number into your JazzHR Account Information page.
  5. Click Save Account.

LinkedIn and your JazzHR account are now linked, and you will be able to post your jobs through LinkedIn.

How to merge Duplicate Candidates

With the surge of Candidates from the Job you created, you may come across a Candidate who applied for multiple positions multiple times. You can combine them into one profile. This will help with streamlining, reporting, and general digital organization.

The first thing that you need to do is to find out who is a duplicate. You may want to try this on a test Candidate before a "live" one.

  1. Open one of the Candidate's profiles by clicking on their name.
  2. Above the applicant's name in the dashboard, if the system sense a duplicate, it will warn "THIS CANDIDATE COULD BE A DUPLICATE."
  3. Click Options.
  4. Select whether to view the candidates or to merge them.
  5. If you select merge, follow the guide below.

The Merge Tool

  1. Select Candidates to Merge.
    • Any applicants with the same email address will show here.
  2. Click on the applicants you would like to merge
    • The grey boxes will fill with color to indicate they have been selected.
  3. Choose Resume.
    • The resumes will show in preview mode.
    • If you would like to see a resume in a larger format, hover over that resume's picture and a "Preview" link will appear in the lower left corner of the image.
    • Click one resume to select.
    • It will show in full color with a yellow border when selected and the other(s) will turn grey.
  4. Select Jobs.
    • Select the jobs you would like to appear on this applicant's profile.
    • The available list will show any jobs found across the selected profiles.
  5. Select Profile Information.
    • Hover over each field to select the information.
    • You can also manually enter in the information
  6. Merge Remaining Applicant Data.
    • By default, all other applicant data such as notes, events, tasks, etc will be merged.
    • You have the option to manually select which information will be merged as well.
  7. Resolve Conflicts.
    • Any conflicts in the merge will show here for you to select which set of data you would like to keep.
  8. Check all information before continuing.
  9. Important: There is no way to undo the following step. Once you Merge Applicants, you cannot undo it.
  10. When you are certain you want to proceed, click Merge Applicants.

You now merged the Candidates and made your JazzHR

account that much cleaner.

How do I upload Candidates into JazzHR?

  1. Access this page by either:
    1. Clicking + Upload a Candidate on your Candidates page, or
    2. Clicking:
      1. Job,
      2. Actions, and
      3. + Add Candidates.
  2. From here, you have four options:
    1. Drag and drop a resume file into the white box.
    2. Click the link in the white box to upload a resume file.
    3. Click I don’t have a resume. This will allow you to use the candidate information you have to make a profile.
    4. Click I just have the resume text.
  3. The following screen will prompt you to fill out details of the candidate profile.
    • If you uploaded a resume file, it will attempt to parse some candidate data from the file for you.
  4. When you fill out the fields you want to have included in the candidate profile (name and email address are mandatory), click Upload Resume.

How do I Email Candidates into JazzHR?

  1. Click on a job.
  2. Click the drop-down caret next to "+Add Candidate".
  3. Choose Import Candidates.
  4. A modal will display with an email address unique to this job.
  5. Send an email to this address with resume files attached, and each individual file will create a new candidate profile in this job. There is a limit of 10 resume files per email.


What Web Browsers does JazzHR Support?

What Web Browsers do not work with JazzHR?

  • Opera
  • Older versions of Internet Explorer

It is recommended that, if possible, you upgrade to the latest version of the browser that you are currently using. This way, you will be ensured that JazzHR will be running smoothly and at peak performance at all times.

JazzHR does NOT recommend the following:

  • Password saving addons, extensions, and programs
  • Autofill password settings


How do I Download a Candidate's Resume?

  1. Click Candidates.
  2. Click on the candidate's name you need.
  3. You will now be on the Candidate Profile page.
  4. Where their resume is displayed, click Download.
  5. If you need to edit, make your changes in the downloaded file.
  6. The resume must be uploaded again.

How do I Update a Candidate's Resume?

  1. Click Candidates.
  2. Click on the candidate's name you need.
  3. You will now be on the Candidate Profile page.
  4. Click Update Resume.
  5. Upload the new Resume.
  6. Click Save.


Why can't I sign in?

Has your administrator disabled or deleted your account? 
Please reach out to one of your account administrators and make sure your admin has not disabled your account.

Are you using the correct email address? 
Sometimes, people will use an alternative email address to send all incoming resumes. If you try to reset your password using the link below, and the system says no email was found, you are probably using the wrong email address.

Is your browser accepting our cookies? 
Please check your browser security settings and make sure JazzHR is included as a "trusted website".

Did you forget your password? 
You can reset your password using the link below.

If you still have your account and for some reason, you can’t remember your password, you can reset your password at


Why do I have applicants not associated with a job?

All Candidates make their way into JazzHR via one of these methods:

  • Direct Application: This will automatically list the job that the Candidate applied for.
  • Manual Upload
  • Email Import

A few reasons why a Candidate or Candidates are not associated with a job:

  • You may have applicant resumes that were uploaded manually by a user, and the job wasn't linked or added to the applicant.
  • The Job was deleted. Therefore, all the resumes are disassociated with the Job.

How do I Clone a Job?

  1. Click Jobs.
  2. To the right of the job you want to clone, click the Actions drop-down.
  3. Click Clone Job.
  4. The resulting screen will allow you to make edits to the clone of your existing job.
  5. Change the description, questions, and workflow as required.
  6. Click Save Job.

The job you just saved will show up in your jobs list with today as the Date Created. It will have a different link than your existing job so if you manually created any ads for the job you will need to edit them.

None of the candidates from the original job will be automatically moved to your cloned job, but you can move them manually from their profiles.

How do I change my Account's Time Zone?

  1. Click on your initials at the top right corner of the app.
  2. Click Account Information from the drop down menu.
  3. Locate the Timezone drop-down menu in the Company Information section.
  4. Select the appropriate time zone.
  5. Click Save Account.

This will change the time zone for all users on your account.

Note: You are not able to change the time zone on an individual basis at this time. This is an account-wide setting.

How do I Remove a Job Associated With a Specific Candidate?

  1. Click Candidates.
  2. Find the candidate from whom you'd like to remove the job. Perform a search to simplify this process.
  3. Click on their name.
  4. The Candidate's Profile will be displayed.
  5. The top of the profile will have a drop-down carrot to the left of the word "REJECT"
  6. Click the dropdown carrot and select "REMOVE FROM JOB" (last option in the list)
  7. A pop-up box will appear confirming if you'd like to uncheck the box because the applicant will no longer be associated with that job and will warn you that you will lose comments.
  8. Click OK.


What types of files are accepted by JazzHR?

These files can only be up to 10MB in size.

  • pdf, doc, docx, ai, eps, fla, gif, gz, jpg, jpeg
  • rtf, txt, mp3, mpg, mpeg, mp4, png, ppt
  • pptx, psd, sit, tar, tgz, tif, tiff, vcf, wav, wmv
  • xls, xlsx, zip

What types of files are accepted as Resumes in JazzHR?

These files can only be up to 2MB in size.

  • pdf, doc, docx, rtf, odt


Can I use the same email for more than one account?

Many contract Recruiters have multiple clients for whom they are hiring. Currently, JazzHR uses your email address as your unique identifier. In other words, you can only use an email address on one account. If you would like to have multiple accounts within Jazz, you need unique email addresses for each account. If you should have any further questions regarding email addresses, please contact the JazzHR Customer Support Team.

How do I transfer my information from another system into JazzHR?

JazzHR has a dedicated Data Migration team that specializes in taking the data from your old system and importing it into Jazz. This process is detail-oriented and can very in length based on the size of your data and the scope of the project. To request more information, please contact with your request and the Data Migration team will be more than happy to schedule a call with you.

How do I avoid answers like "open" or "Negotiable" when asking for desired salary?

Using the canned question to ask for salary requirements is an easy way to ask your candidates how much they're looking to make, however this question has no parameters around the candidate's answer. We recommend eschewing this question for a custom one where you identify how the candidate must respond.

  1. Click SETTINGS
  2. Choose Questionnaires on the left side (this view defaults to the TEMPLATES view)
  3. Edit an existing questionnaire by clicking one of the questionnaire titles under "Unfiled Questionnaires" or from one of the folders you have created to store your questionnaires. Click the pencil icon to the right or make a new questionnaire by clicking the green + Create Questionnaire
  4. Add a question to your questionnaire by clicking the green button labeled + Add Question
  5. Choose your Question Type from the dropdown menu. I recommend Drop-Down Menu or Number. This requires your candidate to choose an option from a list you provide or type in a number response.
  6. Type in your Question Text. It may be as simple as "Desired Salary." If you chose Drop-Down Menu include possible answer choices. I would recommend making one choice for different ranges of responses. For example:
    1. Under $45,000
    2. $45,000 - $55,000
    3. Over $55,000
  7. Check off the box if you will be requiring an answer to this question.
  8. Click the pink Add Question button
  9. Once your questionnaire is saved, be sure to edit the job, add the correct questionnaire and make sure the Desired Salary canned question is unchecked.

This will prevent your candidate's from putting in "open" or "negotiable" in for their salary.

Is it possible to pull a report that shows how many people made it through each workflow stage?

Yes, as of April 2018 we have released workflow reporting.  This will allow you to report on candidate pipeline metrics, conversion rates and speed all based on your custom workflows. Please check out our detailed Workflow Reporting article for more information.

How can we stop candidates from applying to the same job over and over?

One of the best recommendations for this is to make sure you have automated emails when a candidate is placed into a "Not Hired" workflow stage, indicating that they were not picked for the position. This will keep them in the loop and prevent you from having to constantly screen them.

Can you make it so that custom messages are triggered as you move the candidate through a workflow?

You can attach custom messages as workflows helpers within the workflow. This way, when the status is selected, they will be triggered to send however you have it set up.

If I type in notes about John in Job A do they show up in the notes about John in Job B?

They do not, notes only go with a particular candidate on a particular job.

If you add a candidate to JazzHR with no do you add in the resume later?

You can open the candidate profile and find the file section. Click on the + icon to add a file. Check the box for "Make this the candidate resume".

Can Advanced Search Filters be saved and reapplied?

You can save your searches when you complete them. Click Save search at the top, you can then use it again in the future!

Can you search for candidates that are not associated with a job?

If you know their name, yes. However, we highly recommend attaching them to a job.

When searching with Keywords in Resume can you use multiple words? Example would be "Java" and "Technology or Computer Science".


Who has the permission to change statuses in bulk? 

Bulk Actions are accessible by Hiring Managers, Super Users, Super Admins, and Recruiting Admins on a particular job. You can restrict access to bulk actions by making someone an Interviewer, Developer, or Recruiting User.

Is it possible to allow someone so they can create interview templates for their team but not allow them to be able to create or post new jobs?

Yes! You can make someone a Super User, then turn on the account wide privilege override to require jobs to be approved before posting. 

Can you have a candidate in JazzHR that are not associated to any job roles?

You can but it is not recommended. They are harder to find and won't show up in accurate reporting. We recommend creating a "Placeholder" job to attach these random candidates. Like "General Application" for example.

Can calendar sync be used to send interview requests to other interviewers? If so, can you see when the interview has been declined by interviewer?

Our interview scheduling tool allows you to schedule interviews with other interviewers. If you want to have them set up an interview themselves, we recommend using the Task feature and assigning a task to that JazzHR user. If they decline and interview, this will not show in JazzHR but you would receive a notification in your email that they declined.

Is there a limit to how much data you can get in a report?

There is no limit at this time.

If we have a recruiter account with LinkedIn that has x amount of job slots available, can we post from JazzHR directly to our LinkedIn account?

LinkedIn does not allow JazzHR to post on the recruiter account's behalf. You either have to purchase through JazzHR or create the LinkedIN post and use the "Create a Job Link" to link it through Jazz.

For each job, can you create multiple tracking links?

Yes! Create as many that make sense for you.

Why would someone want to sync their calendar?

The benefit of syncing your calendar is to ensure that events scheduled within JazzHR are replicated down to your individual calendar. This allows you to keep all of your events organized and rely on your calendar notifications.

Can you upload your entire company directory to see all availability? 

You would need to create a JazzHR account for each one and then manually connect each calendar.

Can we edit the names of Reject, Advance, Pass, Fail? (in workflows and interview guides)

These are standard, hard coded within JazzHR and cannot be updated.

How does cloning or refreshing a job affect reporting?

Each req is each considered their own "position" and a separate job. JazzHR has a built in "Refresh" feature that appears when the job has been open for 90+ days. When this appears, click on it to refresh the job to make it appear as new.

Is there a mobile app or just the website?

There is not a mobile app. The candidate quick screen and interview guides are both mobile-friendly.

Why am I not receiving JazzHR emails?

Not all email servers/clients readily accept emails that come from JazzHR. It is best practice to whitelist the domains "" and "" Better yet, you can use a wildcard (*) to whitelist anything that comes from JazzHR by whitelisting "*"

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