My Profile and Company Account FAQ

All JazzHR users can all manage their personal profile information, while company Account Owners and Super Admin users can manage company account information.

This article will cover:

Initials Dropdown

All users can access their personal profile by clicking their initials in the top right-hand side of the main navigation and then clicking My Profile.  Super Admin users and Account Owners also have options for Account Information and Update Billing Information.  All users have an option to Sign Out.

My Profile

Clicking on My Profile in the dropdown above will take users to their personal profile page, where they can update their personal information, toggle personal settings, and manage personal integrations.  This section can also be accessed by searching for a person's profile in the People section of JazzHR. Super Admin users are able to update a limited set of personal profile data for fellow users in the system (name, email, and password, for example).

Account Information

Clicking on Account Information in the dropdown in the main navigation will take you to the Account section under the Settings section of JazzHR. Here you can edit Company Information such as company name, address, timezone, website, and LinkedIn company ID.  This page also includes a current plan section with billing info, including a history of invoices.


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