Dashboard Overview

Company Snapshot

The Company Snapshot provides insight into key recruiting milestones for your company over a certain span of time. You can choose to view the activity from the previous 7, 14 or 30 days by selecting the dropdown arrow next to the date range within the section. The information displayed includes the total number of jobs opened, candidates applied, candidates advanced, interviews completed, offers sent, and candidates hired within that specified time frame. 

My Open Jobs

This displays the open jobs that includes you as a member of the hiring team. You must be the hiring lead or a member of the hiring team for the job to display here. This section shows the first five jobs and allows you to page through the rest. If there is a star next to a job, this means you are the hiring manager for this job. You can launch the quickscreen and perform quick actions on jobs from this page by clicking the quickscreen iconor the actions dropdown. 

My Watch List

The watch list displays jobs and candidates you have marked to "watch". As with the other sections, the top five will be displayed here with options to page through the rest. If you no longer wish to "watch" an item, you can click on the x in that row to remove it your watchlist.

My Interviews

This section provides you with a list of interviews that you are scheduled to attend and you can start them right from this page. This section allows you to switch and see "My Team's Upcoming Interviews" instead of just your own. You can switch this to view via the dropdown arrow next to "My Upcoming Interviews". The section shows the five most recent interviews based on assigned date. Additional interviews can be viewed by paging through the section. Please note: You must schedule your interview through the interview scheduling tool for the interview to appear here. Events scheduled from the calendar will not show here.

My Tasks

This section shows tasks currently assigned to you and allows you to mark them as complete right from this page. The section shows the top five tasks in order of most recent due date. If you have more than five tasks, you can advance to the next page to see them. You can click the arrow next to "My Tasks" and switch the view to see your "Delegated tasks" (tasks you have delegated to other users) by selecting the dropdown arrow next to my tasks. 

My Inbox

My Inbox provides a central location to efficiently collaborate with fellow hiring team members and communicate with prospective candidates.  My Inbox is a unified communication area showing unread emails from candidates and any @mentions from teammates. Unread messages stay in My Inbox for 30 days.  

Post a Job

The Actions button allows you to quickly complete an action within JazzHR without having to navigate to that page itself. By opening the actions menu, you can:

  • Post A Job
  • Add a Candidate
  • Add a Person
  • Create a Task
  • Schedule an Event 

Latest Activity

Latest Activity displays the most recent actions that were performed on candidates that include you as a member of the hiring team. This section displays completed tasks, interview feedback, and workflow stage changes for candidates within JazzHR. You can filter what is displayed here by clicking on the gear icon in the section.


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