Questionnaires Overview

Questionnaires can be used to gather additional information from applicants either when submitting their resume or in the future, such as after a phone screen. You can create a questionnaire and add it to a job or send it to the candidate directly after they apply.

JazzHR has some common questions already such as Desired Salary, Languages Spoken, Felony Conviction, and others. However, because each company and job has it's own hiring criteria, you can make up your own set of questions. Only one set of custom questions can be applied to a job at once. 

Questionnaire Template creation

You can create the template of your questionnaire under the Settings tab in JazzHR. This will ensure that you can attach your questionnaire to any job that you create in the future.


2. Click Questionnaires on the left side. You can add a new folder to file your questionnaires by clicking +NEW FOLDER or start creating a new questionnaire by clicking +NEW QUESTIONNAIRE which will be stored under "Unfiled Questionnaires".

3. You can then name your questionnaire and start adding questions, including "knockout questions". For more information on knockout questions, visit our other knowledge base article here.


 Adding a questionnaire to a job application

You can add a questionnaire to your job application by:

  1. When creating the job, click the "application" tab. 
  2. Scroll down until you see the Screening Questionnaire section. Here is where you can add your pre-existing questionnaire or add one on the fly. 
  3. Click "Select existing questionnaire" or "Add questionnaire". 
  4. Your questionnaire with custom questions is now added to your job application
  5. Confirm you have the correct questionnaire using the preview section in the top right corner by switching the preview from "no" to "yes".

Questions range from text boxes, to checkboxes, to dates. Choose what type of question, give the answer, and make it required to answer or not.

After the candidate completes the questionnaire, it can be viewed by going to:

  • Candidates
  • Select a candidate
  • Profile Tab
  • Scroll down until you see the "Job Application" section. Here is where you can see both the canned and custom questions attached. You can also print these questions now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can custom questions be required?

Yes, only if it is specified. When creating the question, you will see a checkbox next to "Require an answer to this question". If you check this box, the question will be required for candidates to fill out.

Can I send out a questionnaire to a candidate after they apply?

Yes! You can follow the instructions here.

*Note: You are not able to send a questionnaire to a candidate more than once. If you add additional questions to a questionnaire, you will not be able to send it again. Instead, clone the questionnaire and send the cloned version.

Can I search based on questionnaire answer?

Yes, head over to the Candidates page and click the magnifying glass. Then click Advanced Search to filter by questionnaire answer. 

NOTE: HERO plan customers do not have the ability to add questionnaires as part of the workflow.

Can I be notified when a candidate completes a questionnaire?

The Hiring Manager on the job will receive the following email notification when a candidate in his/her job answers a questionnaire.


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