Job Dashboard Overview

Filter and Sort Candidates

When you're in a specific job, you can filter and sort candidates by their status in the hiring process. Just click the tabs at the top to drill down. 


Share and Report

Refer allows you to connect and share your job with individuals outside of job boards. Here you are able to connect your social media accounts and share on those pages. This is also the area where you can email internal employees and request referrals.

Advertise allows you to expand the reach of your job requisition by purchasing additional posts on various job boards. These job boards are paid postings only and some require an integration to purchase the posting.

Analyze provides information and analytics regarding the progress of your job posting. This page tracks the history of the job and various statistics related to candidate progress.


Search, Preview, and Edit

Search allows you to search for candidates within the job you are currently in.

View provides you with a real time look at your job posting.

Edit Job contains the area to update all aspects of the Job. 

Actions menu provides a list of additional actions that can be taken regarding the job requisition.

This includes Importing Candidates, Creating a Custom Job Link, Watch the job, and Clone the job.

Job Information

Job Status refers to what state the job is in. An Open status means your job is visible on your careers page (unless you have deselected that) and is going out to the free job boards (unless you have deselected that) and candidates can apply to it. All other statuses do not allow candidates to apply and are for tracking or administrative purposes.

Syndicated to free job boards? shows whether or not you've selected to send this job out to our free job boards. 

Hiring Manager shows who has been assigned as the hiring manager on this role. You can edit this user's specific privileges or reassign this in the Team tab when editing a job.

Job Visibility shows who has access to this job. In our example, this job is visible to Admins and Users. This means that anyone who has a user role in the system can see this job. If you want to restrict access to just Admins and the members of the hiring team, you can go into a job and select this checkbox under the Team tab. 

My Watched Candidates provides quick access to candidates that you’d like to keep an eye on. You can watch a candidate by selecting Watch Candidate in the actions drop-down on a candidate's profile. Clicking on the candidate will take you to their profile.

My Upcoming Interviews shows what interviews for candidates you currently have scheduled. You can toggle between your interviews and all interviews for candidates currently scheduled for the job requisition. Clicking on the candidate will take you to the interview section of their profile.

My Tasks shows either "my" or "all" tasks that are related to candidates for this job. Clicking on the candidate will take you to their profile.

Candidates with Offers provides a quick view into all candidates with offer letters sent to them. Clicking on the candidate will take you to the Offer section of their profile.


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