How to Create an Evaluation

During the screening and interviewing processes, there is often a need to collect applicant information related to a defined set of skills or qualities that all competitive applicants should have. Members of the hiring team can rate an applicant on each quality, as well as supply notes and feedback. This enables hiring managers to quickly compare applicants based on their average ratings and see the collective thoughts of the interview team.

This article will cover:

What is an Evaluation?

An Evaluation in JazzHR is a score-card made up of your own assessments that allow you to rate candidates. Each Assessment is comprised of three components: the assessment name, unit of measurement and weight.

Assessment Name

This is the subject that you will be assessing the candidate on and could be a question or a statement.

Examples: 1) How many years of programming experience do you have? 2) Describe your music career and any publications. 3) Candidate's customer-service skills.

Unit of Measurement

The unit of Measurement defines the rating system of the assessment. This measurement can be a scale, experience level, or relative ability that best applies to the assessment.

Examples: 1) One to Five (1/5 being the worst, 5/5 being the best) 2) Agree to Disagree 3) Yes or No


The weight refers to the importance of this individual Assessment in the overall Evaluation. The total evaluation is worth 100% and each assessment is worth a portion of that 100%.

How to Create an Evaluation

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Templates
  3. Click Evaluations
  4. Under Create Template, type in the name of your Evaluation.
  5. Click Create Evaluation.
  6. Under Assessment, type in the name of the subject to be assessed.
  7. Under Unit of Measure, select the way this assessment will be rated.
  8. Under Weight, type in a percentage out of 100% that labels how important this assessment is in relation to the entire evaluation.
  9. If adding additional Assessments to this Evaluation, click the green button Add Assessment.
  10. If finished, click the pink button Saves Changes.

Editing the Evaluation Template

You can add, edit, reorder or remove each Assessment from an Evaluation template. You can also add notes to each assessment. 

Completing An Evaluation

  1. Click Assessments within the candidate's profile.
  2. Click +New Evaluation button.
  3. You will be taken to the Evaluation page.
  4. Choose the evaluation template for this job
  5. Complete all the Assessments in the evaluation and enter any additional comments.
  6. Click Save Evaluation.
  7. Your total score will appear with your name.
  8. ​If there are others who have evaluated the candidate, their names and score will appear too, along with a group average score.


Who gets notified when an evaluation is completed for a candidate?

The Hiring Manager of the job receives an email notification each time an evaluation is completed.

Can I add an evaluation to my workflow?

Not at this time, you can use tasks to provide a trigger to the hiring manager to let them know to complete the evaluation.

How are evaluation scores calculated?

Each assessment is comprised of three parts: the question or statement used to evaluate the candidate. the type of response: Score of 1 to (max) 10, Either Or, Less or More, the importance (weight) of the response (as a percentage). This must total 100% across all assessments.

What does the asterisk next to my evaluation score mean?

This asterisk means that the evaluation has been auto saved, but Save Evaluation was not clicked. This indicates that the evaluation may not yet be complete. Click Save Evaluation to complete it.

Can users view evaluations they did not complete?

You can determine whether or not users can see evaluations they did not create. Super Admins and Recruiting Admins can view evaluation feedback. By default, Super Users or Recruiting Users cannot view evaluations, however, these privileges can be altered through the account wide privileges. 

What is the difference between interview guides and evaluations?

In short, Interview Guides are more for verbal detailed feedback, with binary "pass or fail". Evaluations allow for a more detailed score and hard-line metrics. Experiment with both, and find which works best for your team.

Can I run reports on Evaluations?

Yes, just head over to Reports and check out our legacy report on Evaluations. 

Can I send an Evaluation out to be completed by someone who is not a User in JazzHR?

No, not at this time, evaluations will have to be completed through JazzHR, and the individual would have be a user with access to the candidate's profile.

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