How to use the Candidate Quick Screen

The candidate quick screen tool is available so that you can review candidates faster and is available on a computer, laptop or mobile device.

This article covers:

How to Use Quick Screen

First, navigate to the Jobs page. Then, under the New column, there is an icon to the right of the number. This is the Quick Screen icon that resembles a book or 2 rectangles.



  • Click the Quick Screen icon on any of your jobs, this opens the Quick Screen window
  • From the candidate list on the right, click on the first candidate you want to screen
    • This will automatically display their resume.
  •  Use the 3 icons on the top of the page to:
    • Paper Icon - see their resume
    • People Icon - see profile information and their application
    • Conversation Icon - see comments or votes from their profile
  • On the bottom of this page, you can use these options to:
    • Leave a comment - post a comment on their profile, on the discussion tab
    • Reject - mark them as not hired and select a reason why from your not hired dispositions
    • Advance - advance them to an active stage of your workflow
    • Vote - vote positively or negatively (this is a considered a maybe), also on the discussion tab


Reject, Vote, Advance, and Leave a Comment

After you click reject, vote, advance and/or leave a comment, what happens next?

  • When you click the Reject:
    •  The candidate will be marked as Not Hired and the following screen will appear, allowing you to select a reason why they have not been selected for the job.
    • Next, click the purple bar across the bottom of the screen to go to the next page. If there is a workflow helper associated with this step, you will see a screen similar to this.
      • If you want to use the workflow helper, leave the box next to it checked and click the purple bar to continue on.
      • If you do not wish to use the helper, uncheck the box before clicking the purple bar. The applicant will be moved to the workflow step you selected, and you will receive a confirmation screen.
    • If there are more candidates to screen, you will be automatically redirected to the Quickscreen window with the Resume of the next applicant on the list showing.

  • When you click the Approve:
    • The candidate will automatically be moved to the first active workflow status for that job
    • If you are using the Standard Workflow, that would be Screen
    • If there are any workflow helpers assigned to that step, you will be prompted to use them in the fashion that you were for selecting Reject
    • Selecting Reject or Approve will change the candidate's workflow status and remove them from the Quickscreen feature. You will still be able to access and work with a candidate profile via the Jobs or Candidates tab as you have previously. 
      • If you would like to leave feedback and still have a candidate available via the Quickscreen feature, see more information on the voting feature.

  • When you click either the Vote -  or Vote + option:
    • This will not move the candidate out of the New workflow stage. The vote you choose will be seen on the Discussion tab of the candidate profile.
    • This feature is used to help encourage collaborative hiring within your team. It allows users to vote yes or no for a candidate without making any final decisions.

  • When you Leave a Comment:
    • Those notes will be seen on the Discussion tab of the candidate profile.
    • You can leave comments in addition to your vote by typing them before clicking vote.

If there are no other candidates to screen, you will be taken to the list of jobs so you can:

  • review candidates for other positions, or
  • close the window to be returned to your JazzHR account

To change jobs within the Quickscreen feature, click the top-left arrow. You will be taken to the list of currently open jobs with a total of the candidates available for Quickscreen listed.

  • From here, you can click on any job and begin the Quickscreen for that particular position.
  • If you would like to bookmark the Quickscreen window directly, you can use this URL.


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