How to Use Candidate Quick Screen

The Candidate Quick Screen tool allows you to review candidates faster from any device.

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Launching Quick Screen

First, navigate to the Jobs page. Then, under the New column, click the panel icon to the right of the candidate number. 


Screening Candidates

Once the Quick Screen opens, choose the candidate you'd like to begin screening from the list on the left. Use the three icons at the top of the page to:

  • Paper Icon - View their resume
  • People Icon - Review profile information and their application.
  • Conversation Icon - See comments or votes from their profile.


Use the icons on the bottom of the page to:

  • Leave a comment - Post a comment on the Discussion tab their profile.
  • Reject - Mark them as Not Hired.
  • Advance - Advance them to an active stage of your Workflow.
    • Note that the candidate will automatically be moved to the first active workflow status for that job.
  • Vote - Vote positively or negatively (this is a considered a maybe), also on the Discussion tab.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change jobs within Quick Screen?

To change jobs within the Quickscreen feature, click the top-left arrow. You will be taken to the list of currently open jobs with a total of the candidates available for Quickscreen listed. From here, you can click on any job and begin the Quickscreen for that particular position.

How can I get to Quick Screen directly?

Bookmark this URL to quickly jump to the Quickscreen window.

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