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Interviews are a key piece of the hiring process. But from deciding who candidates should speak with to selecting the right time for them to come in, working out the details can take longer than expected.

That's why JazzHR aimed to streamline the process. Our interview guides make tracking interview feedback a breeze. And once your guides are created, you can also schedule interviews directly from JazzHR.

This article covers:

Scheduling Interviews

Schedule more efficiently by sending interview invitations to candidates and interviewers straight from JazzHR. Here's how:

  • Click Candidates.
  • Click the name of the candidate for whom you'd like to schedule an interview.
  • Once on the Candidate Profile, move him/her into a workflow stage with an interview guide attached.
  • Click the Interviews tab.
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to the start button.
  • Click Schedule Interview.
  • Do the following on the scheduler window that appears:
    • Create an Event Name.
    • Decide who can see this event by clicking the Privacy drop-down and selecting from the list of options. 
    • Add Interviewers. You are selected by default, but you can deselect yourself and type in other users' names if needed. Note: You must add a second person to this field in order for them to receive the invitation. Invite notifications will NOT be sent via email if your name is selected to be the only Interviewer for this Interview.
    • Select a Date & Time Date. Click Show Calendar to see the interviewer's availability.
    • Enter a Location.
    • Enter text into the Invitation field to have it show on calendars.
    • Verify all information is correct, and then click Schedule Interview.

From the Candidate Agenda tab, click Share Agenda to auto-populate an email with interview details to be sent out to the candidate, or click Schedule Another Interview if needed Note that candidates do not receive a calendar invite.


Editing, Rescheduling, or Canceling an Interview

  • To edit an interview, click the Actions drop-down next to the play button, then click Edit Interview to make changes.
  • To reschedule an interview, click the Calendar icon next to the Interview Guide.
  • To cancel and interview, click the Actions drop-down next to the play button then click Remove Interview to cancel the interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if someone has RSVP'ed to my Interview invite?

Once someone RSVPs to the invite, he/she will show up as green if they accept and red if they decline.

Can I send an interview to someone outside of JazzHR?

Yes, you can either share the Interview Guide link with them or add them as a contact during the scheduling process to get them on the invite.


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