How to Create and Schedule Interviews

Using Interview Guides to Structure and Simplify

Interview guides allow you to create custom sets of questions that help to guide, structure, and centralize the interview process. If you're currently collecting feedback via a shared spreadsheet, a chat from your hiring manager, or just an email, you may want to start moving your process over to interview guides. Interview guides can be scheduled, tracked, and completed all within JazzHR, or you can send them out to your interviewers without JazzHR access. If you're new to JazzHR, we recommend you be comfortable with the following features and functionality below before delving into interviews:

  • How to Post a Job
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Hiring Teams
  • Sending Emails
  • Workflows
  • Questionnaires
  • Calendar

Creating your Interview Guides

  1. Click Settings and then Templates, then Interviews Guides
  2. Click Create Interview to start crafting your interview guides



  • Type of Interview: You can choose from an In-Person or Phone interview for tracking, visibility, and reporting.
  • Duration: This will help track the estimated time of the interview and populate the email that goes out to the candidate with the proper duration
  • Preparation Notes: These can be used to help guide the interviewer on how to conduct the interview. A good example might be some "Do's" and "Don'ts" during the interview or how to complete the guide.

Next, you'll want to start structuring the guide's questions. You can have a structured guide with a list of specific questions to ask the interviewee or you can opt for more of "feedback form" and leave it open-ended. Some examples of this might be creating a question with a paragraph text answer type and making the question text: "Pros & Cons" or "Feedback".

  1. Click Add Questions.
  2. Select the question-answer type and type in the question.
    • Single Line Text: One sentence freeform answers, good for one-line responses.
    • Paragraph Text: Longer freeform answers, great for 'open feedback' type guides.
    • Dropdown: One answer from a predetermined list
    • Number: Numerical answer
    • Date: Date from a calendar
    • Checkboxes: One or more answers from a predetermined list
  3. To add additional questions, click +Add Question. You can edit, reorder, and delete questions as you go along. Then Click Save Interview to add it to your list of templates, and start automating and organizing your feedback.

Adding Interviews to Workflows

You can add interviews to candidate profiles on a one-off basis as they are going through the process, or you can automate that process by making them a part of your workflow. In order to add an interview to your workflow, head over to Settings and click on Workflows.

  1. Click on the Workflow you want to add the interview to.
  2. Click Add on the workflow stage where you want the interview guide to appear, then click Interview.
  3. Select your interview guide from the list, with the previewed Preparation Notes and Invitation Text visible before you make your decision.
  4. Click Add this Interview to start automating!

Scheduling Interviews

Once your interview guides are crafted, added to your workflows, and ready to go you can start scheduling them! This will make you and your team's upcoming interviews much easier to track, and if you have Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange powering your Outlook calendar, you can send invitations directly to your calendars.

  1. Disposition a candidate into one of your stages that has an interview guide.
  2. Click the Actions drop-down arrow next to the start interview button and click Schedule Interview.
  3. The scheduler will pop-up where you can:
    • Set the Event Name
    • Edit Privacy. Who can see this event?
    • Add Interviewers. By default, you're selected. You can deselect yourself and start typing in the names of the people interviewing this candidate. NOTE: You must add a second person to this field in order for them to receive the invitation. Invite notifications will NOT be sent via email if your name is selected to be the only Interviewer for this Interview.
    • Set Date and Time. Click Show Calendar to see the interviewer's availability and drag and drop times across their calendars.
    • Enter Location.
    • Edit Invitation text that will show up on calendars.
  4. Verify all information is correct then click Send Invitations.
  5. You will now be taken to the Candidate Agenda tab. From here you can schedule additional Interviews or Share Agenda with the candidate. Sharing the agenda will auto-populate an email with the interview details to be sent out to the candidate. They do not receive a calendar invite.

Edit, Reschedule, or Cancel an Interview

  • Click the Calendar icon to reschedule
  • Click the Actions drop-down arrow next to the start interview button, then click Edit Interview to make any changes.
  • Click the Actions drop-down arrow next to the start interview button, then click Remove Interview to cancel the interview.

Completing the Interview Guide

  1. To start the Interview Guide, click the pop-out icon next to the actions drop-down.
  2. Interviewers will be prompted to log in to the secured Interview Guide by:
    • Entering their name and email address, then
    • Clicking Start Interview.
  3. The Interview Guide will show the candidate's resume, job details, and a quick scratch pad to make notes that are only visible to the interviewers.
  4. Interviewers can fill out the answers to the questions or put in their feedback and rate the candidate's answers before, during, or after the interview. After they complete the guide, they can always make edits.
  5. You can add new questions while filling out the interview guide following the same process as those initial interview questions.
  6. Once you have completed all of the questions and are ready to complete the interview, click Complete Interview.

Recording Results: Pass or Fail?

After the interview guide has been filled out, it's time for the determining step. Did the candidate pass or fail? Select one of the options and put a quick note why in the box below. This feedback then shows up in the Discussion tab. You can view the detailed results by clicking the eye icon.

As people complete their interview guides, feedback will start to flow into your inbox and your interviews tab. You'll see the stream of interviews also in the Discussion tab on the candidate profile. Hiring managers on the job will receive email notifications as interview guides are completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if someone has RSVP'ed to my Interview invite?

Once someone RSVPs to the invite, they will show up as red if they decline and green if they accept!

Can I send an interview to someone outside of JazzHR?

Yes! You can just share the interview guide link with them, or you can add them as a contact during the scheduling process to get them on the invite.


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