Equal Employment Opportunity - How to Run EEO/OFCCP Compliance Reports

Using JazzHR to Maintain your EEO/OFCCP Compliance

If you are required to capture EEO information as part of your application process, you are able to select that information in the job creation process.

Add the Questions to your Job Application

In order to start capturing EEO information, you'll want to add them to your job application by scrolling down the bottom of the Job Posting section when creating or editing a job. 

  1. Under the Sensitive Data section, you'll see the EEO questions
  2. Select the job category and rule


     3.  Save your changes or create and publish your job

     4. The questions will be added to your application. You can preview the EEO questions at any          time by opening the application tab on the job profile and turning the preview button to               "YES". 




The veteran status and disability status questions have been separated into two distinct sections.

  • For the veteran status section, it is now mandatory that the job application display the classification definitions exactly as they appear on the government defined form:
  • Also, the options that are presented to the candidate for identification purposes contain the exact wording that appears on the form. The screenshot below shows what the definitions and options look like on the job application.





For the disability status section, it is now mandatory that the application contains an exact electronic representation of the government defined form:

The word “exact” is extremely important with regard to this form. Everything on the form must appear on the application, and the following screenshots show what the new section looks like:


Running Reports

Once you've added the questions to your application, you can use our legacy reporting to grab the information required to be compliant. All EEO reports are found at the bottom of the Reports page under Legacy reports. Depending on which rule you're using on your application, you can click the appropriate report you need. We'll walk through using the common External Hires by Veteran Status, Disability, and Sex.

Note: Compliance reporting is only available with PRO subscriptions or PLUS accounts with the "advanced reporting" bundle.

 It's that simple to maintain compliance and add the questions to the job application. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to support@jazzhr.com

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