EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA Compliance

Use JazzHR’s Advanced Reporting feature to assist with the preparation of your EEO-1,
OFCCP, VEVRAA, and AAP compliance needs. Add these questions to your job application(s),
and then run a report on accompanying data---it's that simple.

This article covers:

Adding Compliance Questions to Your Job Application

Start capturing EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA data by adding the related questions to your job
application. You can do this during the job creation process or any time after. Here's

  • Click Jobs.
  • Click the name of the Job to which you'd like to add compliance questions.
  • Click Edit Job.
  • Scroll to the "EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA Questions" section of the Post tab.
  • Select the checkbox next to each regulation to which your organization adheres. Please note that there is a separate checkbox for each regulation—EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA.
  • For EEO-1 questions, please also select a job category from the "EEO-1 Job Category" drop-down.
  • Click Save and Continue.


Selected compliance questions are now added to the applications of your job. To confirm this:

  • Click the Application tab.
  • Scroll to the "EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA Questions" section of the page.
  • Confirm that your selected options are also checked on the right-hand side.


  • Toggle the "Preview" button to Yes to see the questions in full.


Note that these questions contain the exact text as defined on government forms.

Defaulting All Jobs to Include EEO-1, OFCCP, and/or VEVRAA Questions

Set your JazzHR account to automatically add EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA questions to all new
or edited Jobs. Here's how:

  • Click Settings.
  • Click Privileges.
  • Click the checkbox next to each regulation you would like to require by default. There are separate checkboxes for EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA. Select only those regulations relevant to your organization's reporting needs.


Note that this setting is not retroactive and will apply only to new and edited jobs moving forward.

Reporting on EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA Data

Once you have collected EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA data from candidates, head to
the Reports page to gather the information you need to help you stay compliant with
your reporting obligations.

Note that the Compliance section of reporting is only available to JazzHR Pro customers or Plus customers with the Advanced Reporting bundle

JazzHR offers three unique reports to assist with your compliance obligations, which
correspond to the EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA application question(s). These live under the
Legacy Reports section of the Reports page:


Click on the name of each report to set your filter preferences. Each report can be filtered by Job, candidate Workflow status, and date:


Click Generate Report to create a report showing how many candidates responded for each answer option.


I previously selected the "Section 503 (before March 24, 2014)" Compliance Form option. Where did this go, and what happened to that data?

JazzHR previously supported a pre-2014 version of the OFCCP Compliance form. If you selected this for a Job(s) in your account, the option will remain selected and appear in the previous format until you manually update this. New jobs, however, will no longer have this pre-2014 option.


Any pre-2014 accompanying data will be maintained. If even one candidate, for example, answered questions based on the pre-2014 form, those selections will appear in your compliance reports and in the Candidate Records Data Download.

Do JazzHR's EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA questions meet federal compliance standards?

JazzHR allows you to run reports which compile the type of candidate data you need to
fulfill your EEO-1, OFCCP, and/or VEVRAA compliance obligations. JazzHR tries to stay up-to-
date on the latest EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA compliance questions; however, JazzHR is not a
compliance company and does not provide read-to-file compliance reports, or
guarantee that it has collected all of the compliance data you need. We simply provide
you with a useful tool to help you get there!

Why don't I see compliance reports on the Reports page?

Compliance reporting is only available to JazzHR Pro customers or Plus customers with the Advanced Reporting bundle. Learn more about our various plan options here.

Where can I see candidate-specific EEO-1, OFCCP, and VEVRAA information?

Answers to EEO-1 questions are intentionally not included on the Candidate Profile to limit bias during the screening process. You can, however, run the Candidate Records Data Download, which lives under Legacy Reports on the Reports page.


Columns BB - BH of this exported report will list each candidate's EEO answers. Cells with "NULL" indicate that the candidate did not answer that question. 

DisclaimerThis article has been prepared for general information purposes only. The information presented is not legal advice and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice and should not be relied on solely to make business decisions or to fulfill your legal compliance obligations.

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