Custom Reports

Glean personalized insights into your recruiting like never before with JazzHR's Custom Reports. Pick and choose from a list of unique criteria to generate an entirely personalized report.

Note that Custom Reports are only available to Pro customers and Plus customers with the Advanced Reporting bundle

To start reviewing customized data:

Generate Custom Reports

Build custom-made reports to gather the exact data you need right from JazzHR's Reports page. First, navigate to the Reports tab. 

  1. Click + Create Custom Report.
  2. Check the box next to each piece of information you'd like to appear in your report.
  3. Drag and drop criteria under "Columns in Report" to the preferred order of information.
  4. Click Generate Report.


Edit Custom Reports

Once your report is generated, you can update and filter your data within JazzHR. To add or edit the columns, click Edit Columns. Once your changes are made, click Generate Report. 


Custom Reporting with JazzHR allows you to sort, filter, and make additional adjustments to make the reporting process easy! To start, click the gear icon in the upper-right of the column name. 

  • To sort the data alphabetically, click Ascending (A-Z) or Descending (Z-A). 
  • Specific columns including Candidate Name and Job Title will allow you to select Column Link. This will hyperlink data in your report to the candidate profile or job. 
  • Click Remove Column to delete that column from the report.
  • Type values into the "Add/Edit Filters" field to search for specific data and click Apply Changes.


Check the box next to "Group Rows" to group similar rows and consolidate data.


Save and Export Custom Reports

Once you've generated and edited your Custom Report to your liking, click the heart icon to save and name your report. Once the report is saved, click the arrow dropdown to Export to CSV. 

All saved reports will appear on the left column under My Reports. 


Click the drop-down next to "Edit Columns," and select Export CSV to export your Custom Report. Your report will be sent to you in an email as a downloadable attachment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share Custom Reports?

No, we don't currently offer the ability to share Custom Reports with other users directly from JazzHR. Instead, export as a CSV and share via email or another external method.

What if I don't receive my Custom Report via email once I export?

Custom Reports may take a little while to reach you depending on the amount of data included. If you still don't see your report after a significant amount of time, check your Spam folder. If your report still isn't showing, contact

Why can't I select "Number of Candidates" or "Number of Reviews" from the list of criteria?

You must first generate your report and click Group Rows. Then click Edit Columns, and these options should be available for inclusion in your report.

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