How to Export Candidate Information

There may be times when you need to work within Excel or other outside applications to analyze candidate data or contact information. We have a few options for you to get the data you need out of JazzHR.

This article will cover:

Export a Single Candidate

To download just one person's profile data, head over to their profile in JazzHR.

  1. Scroll down below their resume and cover letter
  2. Click Export Candidate and click Export to CSV


The following will be exported from his or her profile: Full name, job title, email, phone, address line 1, address line 2, city, state, zip code

Export All Candidate Data

This will give you a list of all candidates in your account and all of the information the system collects from them in an .csv file. This is useful if you like big data or want just a raw look at all your candidates. You'll find this in Reports.

  1. Click Reports
  2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page in Legacy Reports
  3. Click Candidate Record Raw Data Download and the file will automatically download to your desktop. If it is very large, it will email you after generating in a few moments.


Frequently Asked Questions

I need actual candidate resumes, how can I export that?

You are able to download candidate resumes in bulk by following the instructions here!

How can I print a PDF version of the candidate profile, including questionnaire answers?

Right now, we don't have that capability. You'll want to export them in csv files and print the questionnaire one-by-one.

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