How to Setup Email Notifications

How to Setup Email Notifications

This article covers the various ways to set up email notifications for new candidates, interview guides, questionnaires, and calendar invites.

Setting up new resume email notifications

If you'd like to change who receives the new resume email notifications, head over to SETTINGS > Templates > Emails. Scroll down and you'll find the Message Settings. You can select who receives these emails by clicking the dropdown and selecting who should receive them. If none of these match your preferences, simply select "No One" and add in each individual email address you'd like to receive the notifications.

Additionally, you can leave it to "No One" and instruct Super Users and Recruiting Users to sign up for the New Candidate Daily Digest to receive a once daily email of all new candidates for jobs they are working on. This is found under their initials and My Profile.


Determining who is notified for interview guides or questionnaires completed

Whenever an interview guide or a questionnaire is completed, the Hiring Manager gets this notification. The Hiring Manager is the person you choose in the dropdown in the hiring team.

Event invitation emails

Setting up event invitation emails is simple. You have a few options for your invitation emails. You can opt in to send event details to the applicant in an email, or turn off the email notification from JazzHR. If your calendars are synced then this will not disable the email notification for the invite.

The invite that goes out to the candidate is shown below. 


Frequently asked questions

Can I set up individual notifications for specific jobs?

There is no way to set up individual notifications for jobs at this time, we recommend turning off all notifications and having users opt in to the Daily Digest email instead.

Can I turn off a specific user's email notifications?

No, you will want to follow the steps to turn off all notifications and use the Daily Digest.

Do candidates receive an automatic email with they apply to one of my jobs?

Yes, you can see the email all your candidates receive here. Simply click "Automated Reply to Candidates" and you can change any verbiage here or turn this functionality off.

Why am I not receiving emails from Jazz?

  • Verify the emails are not being sent to your SPAM folder. 
  • Verify your account settings in JazzHR do not exclude you from emails. 
  • Make sure you have not changed anything recently related to your email. 
  • Make sure you are not using a different email address for JazzHR. 
  • Try whitelisting these JazzHR email addresses: and
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